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For the Enemy Unknown version, see Alien Stats.

Numbers, numbers, numbers. These numbers are lifted from Zombie's research.

Core Stats

Alien Race/Rank TU Sta He Br Rea FA TA Str MCStr MCSk Armor EnR VPS Agg Mel Int
Fr L/R Re Un
Aquatoid Soldier5490308063525830350432230102763
Aquatoid Squad Leader5490358063525830350432230102764
Aquatoid Technician54903580635258304025432230102765
Aquatoid Medic5490358063525835400432230102766
Aquatoid Navigator541003580635258404530432230101767
Aquatoid Commander541003580635258405050432230100768
Gill Man Soldier40804590454550473001512141230152542
Gill Man Squad Leader45805080454954473001512141230172542
Gill Man Technician45805580505458503001512141230202543
Gill Man Commander508060805358655235501512141230201544
Tasoth Soldier5610012560805462703002020201035182784
Tasoth Squad Leader66100135808065627050402020201035222788
Lobster Man Soldier56909090605462703502020151035202782
Lobster Man Squad Leader669011080655462703502020151040252783
Lobster Man Technician709511580705462703502020181040302784
Lobster Man Navigator749512080755462704002020181040351786
Lobster Man Commander7610012580805462705002222201240401788
Deep One Terrorist50903590555058405008641230122704
Triscene 7290158906980801201000120110110840252803
Xarquid Terrorist408011490506550701000505050540302504
Calcinite Terrorist689655907574801109003535351040202855


  • TU: The number of Time Units the alien has per turn.
  • Sta: Stamina (or Energy).
  • He: Health.
  • Br: Bravery.
  • Rea: Reactions.
  • FA: Firing Accuracy.
  • TA: Throwing Accuracy.
  • Str: Strength
  • MCStr: M.C. Strength.
  • MCSk: Psionic Skill.
  • Fr, L/R, Re, Un: Front, Left/Right, Rear and Under armor.
  • EnR: Energy Recharge. This number represents how fast a unit will recover Energy lost due to movement.
  • VPS: The number of Victory Points X-COM will get for killing that alien.
  • Agg: Aggression is a number between 0 and 2. The larger the value, the more aggressive the alien will be. High ranking aliens usually prefer to stay concealed, rather than get involved in a raging fire-fight.
  • Mel: (Also known as CCBA or Close Combat Base Accuracy). This number acts as the accuracy for hand-to-hand combat attacks.
  • Int: Intelligence of the alien ranked from 2-8. This number correponds to the number of turns the alien will remember the location of your troops.

Calculating Statistics

Statistic Increment
Health 0
Bravery 0
Throwing Accuracy 0
Energy Recharge 0
Victory Points 0
Aggression 0
Intelligence 0
Standing 0
Kneeling Height 0
Time Units 0.08
Stamina/Energy 0.08
Reactions 0.06
Firing Accuracy 0.06*
Strength 0.04
M.C. Strength 0.04
M.C. Skill 0.04
Melee (aka CCBA) 0.08
Armour 0*
Alien statistics increase with difficulty. There are two ways in which this is done. First, each statistic shown at left is increased by the increment given, with a multiplier for difficulty shown at right as MultiplierA (note that statistics whose increment is 0, or statistics on Beginner difficulty where the multiplier is 0, are unchanged by this). Second, the statistics indicated with an asterisk at left - Firing Accuracy and Armour - are then directly modified by another multiplier for difficulty shown at right as MultiplierB.
Difficulty MultiplierA MultiplierB
Beginner 0 0.4
Experienced 1 0.7
Veteran 2 1.0
Genius 4 1.1
Superhuman 6 1.2


These equations give the modified statistics for any difficulty level. The core values are in the table above. Credit goes to Zombie (the user, not the unit) for discovery of this (and about everything on this page).

For Firing Accuracy and Armour:

Modified Value = floor(floor(Core Value * (1 + (Increment * MultiplierA))) * MultiplierB)

For other statistics:

Modified Value = floor(Core Value * (1 + (Increment * MultiplierA)))

Other Notes

  • Zombie stats are not listed in the executable where the normal aliens are situated. Not only that, but their stats do not change as the skill level increases. For more information on this oddity, see the Editing Alien Stats heading on this page.
  • Civilian stats are also constants and do not change.
  • Tentaculats which are spawned in a mission by the game have stats modified in the normal way. However, Tentaculats which hatch from Zombies have all their stats set to their core, regardless of current difficulty level.

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