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General Information

An improvement of the Plastic Aqua Armor, the Ion armor is built on the same lofty engineering principles as the Power Suits of the First Alien War - if at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer. Or in this case, armor plate. By increasing the size of the armor plates and rigging up a Zrbite power system to assist in movement, our soldiers can now enter the battlefield with an adequate, if somewhat expensive, form of protection.

For the purposes of balancing the armor, the back plate is significantly heavier than the side plates, although it is still not as strong as the front plate.

This armor is used in Terror from the Deep. In UFO: Enemy Unknown, the Power Suit is the equivalent.


  • Plastic Aqua Armor + Ion Beam Accelerator + Live Deep One Terrorist => Ion Armor
    • In order to be able to research Ion Armor, the Live Deep One Terrorist must be researched LAST. If you have not researched Plastic Aqua Armor or Ion Beam Accelerators before researching the Deep One, you must capture and interrogate another Deep One. Refer to the TFTD Research Tree Bug Avoidance Guide for more information.


Ion Armour
Facing Protection

Ion Armor reduces Sonic damage by 10%, Armor Piercing and High Explosive damage by 20%, Gauss damage by 30%, and negates Fire/Phosphor damage completely.

Note the curious distribution of defensive power. Unlike with the Diving Suit and the Plastic Aqua Armor, the back plate is the second strongest on the suit, and the side plates are just over half as strong as the front plate. While counterintuitive to say the least, this means it is safer to turn your back to the aliens than to let them see you from the side.


  • A powerful new protection for Aquanauts, this armor is powered by an ION energy source and greatly amplifies the speed and strength of the wearer, it offers the best protection yet for combat troops.

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