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General Information

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Official Entry:"Megapol not only runs the city police force and prison service, it also manufactures vehicles, weapons and munitions. It directly competes with the Marsec corporation for lucrative markets in the mining colonies and Mega-Primus. The major problems for Megapol are the criminal gangs that distribute Psiclone and the UFO incursions which are regarded as a threat to city security. Police vehicles bravely intercept UFOs as they materialize from the Dimensional Gates, but they are woefully under equipped to deal with them."


  • Megapol runs the city's police, fire, and ambulance services, as well as producing some of the more important weapons and equipment in the game.
  • They start out friendly to you, and you should keep them that way, because:
    • You absolutely need Megapol's weapons early on. Even later in the game, hostile relations with Megapol will prevent you from getting the Megapol Stun Grenade, which is very useful but very hard to find as loot. Also, until you've amassed a stockpile of Disruptor Armor, you'll be in a lot of trouble without access to Megapol Armor.
    • Megapol officers are some of the most difficult enemies in the game, and attack in large numbers.
    • Megapol is just as aggressive as the three gangs, and will often launch raids on its enemies.
    • Megapol road and air squad cars are constantly patrolling the city. It would be much more convenient for them to keep shooting at Aliens, rather than at you.
    • Police cars may have pitful defense but they can help X-COM in downing UFOs.
  • If you become enemies with them, the most likely turn of events will end in losing the game.

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Megapol is the most disliked organization on Mega-Primus, drawing the ire of its six starting enemies together with the Androids of S.E.L.F. and the Hybrids of Mutant Alliance. It will be a major player during the Cityscape Fighting.

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