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General Information

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It is difficult to disable the Megaspawn's weapon systems because they are an intrinsic part of its structure. One weapon uses energy beams while the other fires a powerful organic missile, which is generated by specialized organs. Our tests also conclude that the Megaspawn is protected from Psionic attacks.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Megaspawn Autopsy
Megaspawn Autopsy.jpg

The Megaspawn is essentially a huge organic weapons platform. It has two distinct weapons systems grown into its body. Although these must be added artificially, the nervous system is directly connected to them, suggesting that the creature is solely a genetically engineered combat unit.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Time Units 50-58
Health 260-301
Stamina 27.5-31.5
Reactions 15-17
Strength 220
Bravery 100
Psi Energy 0
Psi Attack 0
Psi Defense 100
Accuracy 50-58
Hidden Attributes
Head Armor 28-45
Torso Armor 37-60
Arm Armor 30-49
Leg Armor 34-55
Score 30
Size X 70
Size Y 19
Other information
Damage Modifier Group Megaspawn
Inventory no
Innate Weapon Disruptor &
Unique Attributes none

The Megaspawn is a very large and heavily armed enemy that towers over X-COM Agents. Though they are called "weapons platforms" and could easily fit the terror unit classifications of the past wars, Megaspawn are primarily used as defenders on the most advanced UFOs and are found in many buildings in the Alien Dimension. They are never dropped during infiltration missions, and will not be encountered in Mega-Primus before Week 7.

Megaspawn have a lot of health and have two built-in modes of attack: a disruptor beam with identical effect to the Devastator Cannon (though a slower fire rate) and a missile launcher midway between the Marsec Heavy Launcher and Dimension Missile Launcher in power. The missile launcher is the main threat due to its long range, perfect accuracy (like all launchers) and splash damage, although Disruptor Armor weathers the blasts well. Neither weapon will ever run out of ammunition.

The large size of the Megaspawn precludes them entering small spaces, and they appear to have some difficulty climbing slopes.

Megaspawn make roaring noises when idle. Their footsteps are very loud and instantly recognizable.

Tactical Notes

Megaspawn are incredibly tough and will shrug off most hits from light weapons. Weapons such as the Devastator Cannon, Toxigun, or powerful explosives should be used to take them down. They are also unlikely to panic and immune to all Psionic attacks except Probe, which can be used to check their statistics and is useful for determining how much damage they must be dealt for a capture.

Their powerful weapons present a grave threat to X-COM Agents wearing only Megapol or Marsec Armor - expect casualties if this is the best armor you've got. Even Personal Disruptor Shields will not last long against the Megaspawns' firepower; only Disruptor Armor provides relatively reliable protection.

Some tips on fighting Megaspawn:

  • Megaspawn attack in a predictable pattern. Upon sighting their target, they will lower their "arms" for a second before opening fire with their disruptor beam, presumably to charge/load the weapon. If their target is still standing and visible, they will lower their "arms" again and fire their dimension missile at the same target. This gives the player a few moments to move X-COM Agents out of sight before the missile is launched. Megaspawn follow the same attack pattern in Turn Based mode - they will first fire the disruptor, and then their missile launcher.
  • Due to their size, Megaspawn will be hampered in narrow, enclosed spaces, as they will block other aliens' line of fire, their missile attacks will usually be less effective. X-COM agents can also duck behind corners to avoid their missiles.
  • Like all enemies armed with missile launchers, a Megaspawn will sometimes move away if an X-COM Agent moves adjacent to it, presumably to avoid being caught in the explosion of its own missile. However, this is not a reliable tactic, as they will just as often happily fire a missile right into the Agent's face.
  • Agents equipped with Cloaking Fields can often use them to attack the Megaspawn before it can see them, and then withdraw before it reacts.
  • Smoke Grenades can be used, along with favorable terrain, to provide cover for your Agents as they bum rush the Megaspawn with powerful, rapid-firing weapons such as Toxiguns or Power Swords.
  • Another tactic is to find a bottleneck - such as the entrance to an UFO - and sprinkle the area with Vortex Mines. Wait for the Megaspawn to move into the area, and set off a chain explosion.

Megaspawn are notoriously difficult to capture. See Capturing Live Aliens for tips on how to accomplish this.


A Megaspawn may not be visible to an X-COM Agent if only a part of its body is hidden behind a terrain object, even when the object is obviously far too small to realistically hide the whole alien.


During one of the early beta stages of the game, the Megaspawn was meant to be called Megatron instead: Live Autopsy

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