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General Information

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Official Entry: "The Extraterrestrial combat force known as X-COM was originally founded in 1998 to defend the Earth from Alien invasion. After a period of obsolescence, X-COM was revived in 2040 to fight the Second Alien War under the seas of the Earth. It was again in danger of being disbanded, had it not been bought by F. Denman Williams, forming the X-COM Corporation. X-COM has now been enlisted to investigate the recent Alien incursions according to the corporate charter's reactivation clause. The city's senators have agreed to fund a covert initiative, with the assistance of local Megapol stations, who will pass on reports of possible Alien activity directly to the X-COM base commander. X-COM is under pressure to solve the Alien problem before new elections to the Senate. Senators and the corporate elite of Mega Primus are nervous about the prospect of popular panic undermining the social fabric of the city."

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