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Once a Tentaculat attacks, the victim will turn into a zombie that becomes a new Tentaculat if it's killed. Zombies cannot be stunned or captured, nor do they ever leave Zombie corpses.


TUs:               40
Health:            84
Energy:           110
Reactions:         40
Strength:          84
Bravery:          110
MC Skill:         N/A
MC Strength:       80
Armor (all sides):  4
Energy Recharge:   20
Victory Points:    18
Aggression:         2
Intelligence:       3

Damage:            84
Melee:             80%
TUs:               15



The following are some miscellaneous notes. Zombies:

  • Take 0.9x damage from AP, Phosphor, High Explosive, and Sonic ammunitions, and 0.8x damage from Gauss weapons.
  • 1.1x damage from melee drills.
  • Hit does 1.6x damage to un-armoured Aquanauts and 0.8x damage to SWSs.
  • Have a melee attack equal to its strength (strong).
  • Are very slow, so they can be outrun.
  • Can be mind-controlled.
  • Have constant stats regardless of the original human's skills or difficulty level.
  • If the killing shot is of an Incendiary nature, the Tentaculat does not hatch. The corpse generated from killing a Zombie will look like a Tentaculat and the death scream will sound like that of a human.
  • Research seems to indicate (in UFO:EU) that if you don't shoot the zombies, they will never hatch on their own. This, however, is contrary to many eye-witness accounts.
  • When you eventually kill it, make sure to have enough soldiers and TUs to kill the resulting Tentaculat too.
  • An exploit exists whereby it is possible to gain permanent control of a Tentaculat (see below).
  • There is no in game UFOPedia entry for the Zombie, as it can neither be killed nor captured. Data corruption can provide a Zombie research topic, but this crashes the game.

Note: Not to be confused with Zombie, the user, Longtime X-COM community member, tactician and number cruncher.

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