Gauss Pistol

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Gauss Pistol

The Gauss pistol uses accelerated particle technology, a new development in modern weaponry. It is fast, accurate and functions above and below water. Gauss technology is a development of the Plasma technologies learned from the previous war.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

General Information

Gauss Pistol
(h x w)
2 x 1 The Gauss Pistol
Weight 7
D. Threshold 20
Grip One-Handed
TU Cost Accuracy
Auto 30% 30%
Snapshot 25% 40%
Aimed 50% 70%
Sale Price $20,000
Research Gauss Pistol
Cost $8,000
Technician Hours 300
Workspace 2
Materials -
Gauss Pistol Clip
(h x w)
1 × 1 The Gauss Pistol clip
Weight 2
D. Threshold 70
Damage 45 Gauss Beam
Capacity 20
Sale Price $1,050
Research Gauss Pistol Clip
Cost $1,000
Technician Hours 20
Workspace 2
Materials -

The Gauss pistol is the first weapon in the Gauss family. Based on Plasma technology it is designed to launch accelerated particle beams at enemies. Unfortunately the bitter irony of Gauss technology is that most of the aliens encountered are highly resistant to it. To make up for this, the core Gauss weapons, the Gauss Pistol and Gauss Rifle, feature high rates of fire.

Contrary to the official Ufopaedia entry, the Gauss Pistol is not accurate. It does have the highest rate-of-fire amongst all the weapons. Because of these traits it can be treated as the 'submachine gun' of the Gauss family.

Typical of the common characteristics of pistol class weapons, the Gauss Pistol has a one handed grip, high rate of fire and a compact size that allows it to be ported around in the side pockets. To sustain its high ammo consumption, it comes with 20 round magazines. Though it is not accurate, its high output and moderate damage make it a formidable weapon against unarmoured enemies in mid range combat.

Note: All Gauss weapons must be manufactured.

The Gauss Pistol and the Gauss Rifle are suitable interim replacements for the Jet Harpoon and make excellent complimentary sidearms for aquanauts with special roles such as scouts, grenadiers, drillers, medics and torpedo launcher operators.

This weapon appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Laser Pistol.

Key Features
  • Small and one-handed
  • Auto Fire
  • Gauss Damage
Pros Cons
  • Moderate power
  • Very Fast
  • High Ammo
  • Low accuracy
  • Manufactured

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