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Our studies show that the Hyperworms can consume large quantities of both organic and metallic matter. Its powerful jaws can also be used in close combat. It has a very high metabolic rate and can move at fast speeds with a snake-like action. It has a short life span and only lives for two to five days depending on how much food it can find. At the end of this feeding period it finds a safe place and suddenly inflates into a balloon like structure which is fixed firmly to its surrounding terrain. This structure appears to be some form of Chrysalis, inside which another life form begins to grow.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia


  • Grown-In Weapon = Bite †
  • Health = 44
  • Speed / Time Units = 82
  • Accuracy = 30
  • Reactions = 30
  • Stamina = 25
  • Strength = 25
  • Bravery = 100
  • Armour¹: 7/7/7/7/7/7
  • Psi Energy = 0
  • Psi Attack = 0
  • Psi Defense = 90
  • Size = small
  • Inventory = no
  • Movement = Ground
  • Infiltration Influence = weak
  • Score = 5

¹ armour values : Head/Body/Left Arm/Right Arm/Legs/Under (approximately)
Errors: † Does not bite (see Error below).

The Hyperworms' function appears to be little more than feeding. It has powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth designed for ripping and slicing. Its belly appears to be small and the body contains some curious structures containing folds of tough skin. It appears to be quite vulnerable to fire and incendiary ammunition. There is no recognizable brain structure in the Hyperworm and it is well protected from Psionic influence.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

A pink, small and fast snake that needs to get next to a hostile to attack. The Hyperworm does not consume anything found on the battlescape as expected.

Hyperworms are the result of a Multiworm birthing. There are always four babies.

Movement between buildings may cause the hyperworm to progress its lifecycle to the next stage. Any found on the battlescape will remain as worms.


Unit Icon

Hyperworms are very resistant to psionics.

Hyperworms will roam the battlescape searching for (humans as) food instead of staying near other aliens for protection.
If a Multiworm has been recently killed, the four newly birthed Hyperworms will quickly approach any ground-based hostile without regard for its own safety. The target is attacked with rapid but short ranged (3 cell) armour-piercing bites green goo projectiles that can overwhelm the victim. A flying agent can easily avoid the worms by staying off the ground, two levels high from any terrain.

Hyperworm Weapon-Range-(Apocalypse).png

Error: It is stated that its "powerful jaws" are its only weapon. This is false. The hyperworm uses a short-ranged (3 cell) green projectile (as shown, left).

Hyperworms are vunerable to incendiary, explosive effects and stun from the stun grapple but resistant to stun gas.

Research expands knowledge of alien genetics and its lifecycle.

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