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Mission Mission Brief & Objectives
Landed UFO

Satellite data indicates a UFO has touched down; high probability of enemy operation in progress. Expect to face a full complement of enemy crew.

  • Locate and neutralize all enemy forces
  • Locate and gain entry to the UFO
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

Mission Mission Brief & Objectives (EW DLC)
Landed UFO

Satellite data indicates a UFO has touched down; high probability of enemy operation in progress. Meld energy signature readings are positive. Expect to face a full complement of enemy crew.

  • Gain entry to the UFO and neutralize all enemy forces
  • Locate and secure Meld canisters

Instead of this battle beginning with a dogfight in the skies, a UFO landing site is discovered via the Council of nations or by an orbiting satellite.

Landed UFOs Map List

Small Scout

Large Scout

Supply Barge


  • The aliens are not aware that you are closing in on them so they could be anywhere on the map around the UFO doing whatever it is that they do. You often find aliens much further from the UFO site in comparison to a UFO Crash Site. Expect to see any of the Alien race types. The UFO is undamaged, so try to keep it that way. Many undamaged artifacts can be found on this type of mission. Expect to always find aliens somewhere on the UFO.
  • As with crashed UFOs: once the Hyperwave Relay is active, you are told the number and composition of the aliens that will be present.
  • Ignoring this mission will very likely raise panic on the country where the UFO has landed. You may also expect later a Battleship showing up to destroy your satellite, unless you intercept it.


  • A hint for any UFO raid, landed or shot down: if during Alien Activity, you do not hear any of the usual calls of the aliens, then that means that only the Command squad remains; usually on the ship's bridge. Feel free to move out of cover, and make your way to the craft's interior.
  • Landed Supply Barges can be one of the toughest missions because of the quantity of aliens involved.

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