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A Medic is one of the middle tier Alien Ranks, and is not particularly commonly found even on the larger UFOs. Their role on board is presumably to support other Aliens and heal them when they get injured, in practise they do not seem to fill this task very well, if at all.

In combat a Medic is the only the equal of most other ranks in combat, with reasonable intelligence, but lowered aggression. In terms of equipment they may well be using less powerful weapons that some other ranks, but not always. They are among the easiest opponents you will run into on any given mission, although only Sectoids and Floaters bring Medics along on their missions.

They are the MOST likely of any given rank to carry Small Launchers and Stun Bombs. Later on, Medics will carry Small Launchers almost exclusively.


UFO Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Small Scout000
Medium Scout000
Large Scout000
Supply Ship112
Terror Ship1-21-21-2
Alien Base112

Captured Medics

Interrogating a captured medic will provide details of one of the 11 Alien species.

Terror From the Deep

Medics in TFTD have similar roles and equipment to their EU equivalents. Aquatoids are the only race that deploys them, and they have almost identical stats to the Soldiers, save for higher intelligence, and slightly higher health and M.C. Strength. Gillmen replace Medics with Squad Leaders, Lobster Men replace them with Technicians, and Tasoths replace them with Soldiers.

Interrogating a Medic will reveal information about a random unknown type of Alien. However, note that UFOpedia entries gained by this process do not substitute for the actual autopsy or live examination as a research prerequisite; gaining the autopsy report of a Deep One from a Medic, for instance, will not allow research into Aqua Plastics as the actual autopsy would. See the Bug Avoidance Guide for more info.

TFTD Deployment

Alien Sub Type Beg./Exp. Vet./Gen. Super.
Survey Ship000
Heavy Cruiser222
Fleet Supply Cruiser0-112
Alien Colony000
Artefact Site000

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