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General Information


These agile and fast enemies are a mainstay of the alien army. Hundreds are birthed in massive breeding vats deep in the heart of the Alien colonies.

Vastly more powerful than a man, the Tasoth is a true alien and its behaviour and carnivorous nature unmatched on the planet. The Tasoth often forms the spearhead of an alien attack and never seems to shrink from the fight even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

Tasoth Autopsy
Tasoth Autopsy

Dissection revealed a cybernetic organism possessed of strange power. Inside the body cavity is a small power unit, but no identifiable organs.

The power is transmitted throughout the body by a Bio-electric transmission system. The whole body lacks bones or any other supporting structure. Once dead the power stops and the creature becomes a lifeless rag doll of oozing alien flesh and fluids. The only other internal construction is a pair of ceramic cells, which if energised briefly revive the creature.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia
Time Units 56 - 97
Health 125 - 135
Energy 100 - 148
Reactions 80 - 108
Strength 70 - 86
Bravery 60 - 80
Firing Accuracy 21 - 105
Throwing Accuracy 62
MC Skill 0 - 49
MC Strength 30 - 62
Front Armour 8 - 24
Left Armour 8 - 24
Right Armour 8 - 24
Back Armour 8 - 24
Under Armour 4 - 12
Hidden Attributes
Melee Accuracy 78 - 115
Energy Recharge 35
Victory Points 18 - 22
Standing Height 22
Kneeling Height 14
Intelligence 4 - 8
Aggression 2
Other information
Armour category Tasoth
Possible Ranks Soldier, Squad Leader
Unique Attributes Squad Leader has Molecular Control attack

Another of the terrors that lurk in the deep, Tasoths are a species of engineered super-soldiers. While not as tough as Lobster Men, they combine high health with high defensive bonuses against human weaponry to create a durable and dangerous alien footsoldier. To make it worse, Tasoth Squad Leaders employ molecular control to provide additional mayhem on the battlefield. Tasoths only have Soldiers and Squad Leaders.

Bio-Drones may be found accompanying Tasoths on Terror Missions and during attacks on X-Com bases, while Tasoth crews of large Alien Subs, Alien Colonies and Artefact Sites will be accompanied by Tentaculats.

Tasoths are particularly resistant to Gauss damage. Their primary weaknesses are Sonic and freezing damage - though their high Health will often allow them to survive one hit from even a Sonic Cannon. Tasoths are notably quick to panic due to having a comparatively lower bravery than the other alien races.

As mentioned above, Tasoth Squad Leaders have Molecular Control ability, and they appear in great numbers. They also have very high Firing Accuracy and Reactions ratings, making them one of the most dangerous opponents in the game. Thankfully, unlike the Ethereal Soldiers of the first war, Tasoth Soldiers do not possess Molecular Control.

Tasoths will start appearing on regular alien sub missions from July onwards. You may encounter them earlier during a Ship Rescue Mission (from April onward) or an Alien Colony Attack Mission.

Aside from running their own missions, Tasoths will man the upper level of Alien Colonies and both levels of an Artefact Site (alongside Aquatoids), and will also appear as the mainstay of some Mixed Crew missions.

Interrogating a live Tasoth of either rank will permit research into the M.C. Disruptor, provided the M.C. Reader has already been researched.

Tasoths are comparable to Ethereals from Enemy Unknown, though with weaker M.C. abilities and lacking the power of flight. They are, however, significantly more durable than Ethereals.

Tasoth Commander bug

Some players have reported the existence of a Tasoth Commander appearing on their research list. It is claimed that researching it before completing the end-game research will prevent you from being able to complete the game.

This bug is unfortunately very hard to verify, as it is next to impossible to replicate so is best treated as a rumour. If you have the most recent version of the game, either with the TFTD v2 patch (with or without the Geoscape.exe beta) or the Windows Collectors Edition, you do not have to worry about this.

If, by chance, you do get it to appear on your research list, ignore it and do not research it until you have obtained the T'leth launch button for the Leviathan. Also, most importantly, make a backup of your save, take a screen-shot and try to get in touch with one of the regular authors on this wiki.


  • There are (or at least, should be) no Tasoth Medics, Technicians, Navigators or Commanders. Soldiers will be used in place of Medics, and Squad Leaders in place of the other ranks.
  • In contrast to what the in-game UFOPaedia seems to suggest, Tasoth Soldiers have a considerably lower Bravery rating than most Aliens (60, whereas most Aliens have 80 or 90).
  • Trivia: Tasoths are very likely inspired by the Lovecraftian Deep Ones. Not to be confused with the TFTD Deep One.

Tasoth Original Concept

Tasoth Original

Originally the Tasoths had a very different concept, though this was changed later in development for reasons unknown, likely to accommodate the idea behind the Deep One which shares some flavor text. They were originally designed and intended to be surgically / genetically modified humans who had been captured and MC controlled.

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