Micronoid Aggregate (Apocalypse)

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The capture of a Micronoid Aggregate is an essential step in the advancement of our knowledge. This formless mass of micro-organisms is found inside the bloodstream of other Alien forms. Each microscopic organism is an independent and intelligent life form. They communicate with each other using Psionic projection, but they are unresponsive to human Psionics. It is unclear whether these creatures are parasites or an integral part of the Alien spawn.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Micronoid Aggregate

  • Grown-In Weapon = Alien Mind Bender
  • Health = 80
  • Speed / Time Units = 30
  • Accuracy = 60
  • Reactions = 30
  • Stamina = 40
  • Strength = 30
  • Bravery = 100
  • Armour: none
  • Psi Energy = 75
  • Psi Attack = 65
  • Psi Defense = 85
  • Size = small
  • Inventory = no
  • Movement = ground
  • Infiltration Influence = strong ‡
  • Score = 15

Image: identical for alive and dead (alive is animated, dead is not).
Errors: ‡ irrelevant - never appears within Mega-Primus' buildings.

This is not one single creature but billions of micro-organisms. These organisms have been found in the cardiovascular systems of other Aliens, but until now we were unaware of their extraordinary capability to act independently. It is clear that our research must concentrate on these unusual life forms.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

A silent and slow moving green puddle of slime.

Micronoid Aggregates do not appear within any building.



A Micronoid Aggregate is very resistant to psionics.

A Micronoid Aggregate does not have any offensive capability. They are extremely vunerable since they have no armour although they are resistant to various ammunition effects. The very low height of this lifeform can make visual detection by agents difficult and when engaged in combat, difficult to hit.
Micronoid Aggregate's only method of combat is via Psionic manipulation of its victim. Humans and hybrids are often manipulated with Panic and Stun projections whereas Mind Control is effective against agents with low Psi-Defence due to the micronoid's lower proficiency in psionics compared to other alien lifeforms.

Micronoid Aggregates are immune to stun gas and Toxin-A, very resistant to armour piercing ammunition, and resistant to laser and plasma weaponry, stun grapple effects, and Toxin-B.

Micronoid Aggregate research is the most critical step for understanding alien lifeforms, genetics and their agenda.

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