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The Psionic Lab

This facility will allow us to discover and develop the latent psionic abilities of our soldiers. If they have any such capabilities, using them in the field will increase their strength.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Sectoid Commander Autopsy
Manpower Required N/A
Base Costs §200, 20 Alloys, 20 Elerium
Power 3
Maintenance §30 per month
Build Time 14 days
Provides see notes
Adjacency Bonus N/A

Role: Contains 3 slots where soldiers can be put for 10 days to discover whether they are gifted in psionic skills.

  • The Psionic Lab will allow you to test your soldiers for psionic powers. You may test up to 3 soldiers at a time, upon which they will be unable to join a mission during the 10 days testing time.
  • The chances of a soldier becoming Psionic depend on several factors:
  • The soldier's Will stat.
  • Its rank
  • The number of already existing Psionic soldiers
  • Whether Second Wave's More Than Human option is activated or not.
    • If activated then the number of tested soldiers will count until you received your first Psionic.

Psi Chance

If a soldier is a Major/Colonel, then the basic formula applies:

Psi chance = Soldier Will / 4 

So a Major/Colonel soldier with a Will of 80 has a 20% chance of becoming a Psionic.

With other ranks lower than these two, things get a bit more complicated:

Psi Chance = (Soldier Will + Bonus)/4
Bonus = 75 - (Soldier Rank * 20) - (Six Existing Psionics * 40)

Soldier rank starts at 0 for Rookies, while if you already have 6 Psionic soldiers then the bonus gets decreased.

  • A Squaddie with 45 Will and less than 6 Psionics already present in the Barracks would have a Psi Chance of (45 + (75 - 20))/4 or 25%.
  • A Squaddie with 45 Will and 6 or more Psionics present would have a Psi Chance of (45 + (75 - 20 - 40) or 15%

A complete description of the code function can be found here.

More Than Human

If this option is enabled then the odds will be much lower but the game uses a different formula to ensure you'll get your first Psionic soldier on the first 6 soldiers you test. If you test 5 soldiers without any of them becoming Psionic then the 6th one will be a Psionic.

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