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==See Also==
==See Also==
[[Terrorist (Alien Rank)]]
{{Aliens (TFTD)}}
{{Aliens (TFTD)}}

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Just as in the First Alien War, the various alien races will occasionally attack civilian targets. This time, the aliens target cruise ships, cargo ships, ports, and tropical resorts. Each race will be accompanied by specific terror units, which can change depending on whether the mission is above or underwater. Later in the game, Mixed Crew terror missions will appear in which a Tasoth or Lobster Man crew is accompanied by other races' terror units, plus a small number of Aquatoids. This can be an opportunity to obtain live specimens for research.

Terror units can also be found guarding Alien Colonies and Artefact Sites, but these will invariably be Hallucinoids and Tentaculats accompanying either Tasoths and Aquatoids or Lobstermen.

Terror Unit Types

TFTD Species   Terror Unit
------------   -----------
Aquatoid       Hallucinoid underwater and Calcinite on land
Gillman        Xarquid underwater and Deep One on land
Lobster Man    Tentaculat underwater and Bio-Drone on land
Tasoth         Tentaculat underwater and Bio-Drone/Triscene mixture on land
Alien Colony   Hallucinoid (upper level only) and Tentaculat
Artefact Site  Hallucinoid and Tentaculat
T'leth         Hallucinoid, Deep One, Xarquid, Tentaculat
Mixed Crew     almost anything goes - see article for details

See Also

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