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An X-Com Base is the headquarters of operations for dealing with the alien menace in Mega-Primus.
Important: Each building has a home cell. It is a 1x1 cityscape tile in the shape of a grey box which looks like a car-port or parking garage. This is the heart of the building where road vehicles park, employees stay, facilities are built etc. If this tile is destroyed, the base it contains is destroyed and (usually) everything with it.
Note: the layout of corridors is permanent and cannot be altered.


A base is a collection of facilities constructed within the basement of a building. An X-Com base contains facilities that are utilized to maximise operational efficiency. At minimum, a base must contain:

  • a place to barrack troops.
  • an area to store items.

Facilities are available to enable customisation of a base to optimise a particular requirement. In general (and completely optional), some operational priorties are:

  • a strike base.
  • a biology research base.
  • a quantum physics research base.
  • a manufacturing base.

Other facilities may further enhance such operational priorities to include:

  • emergency medical care.
  • combat training.
  • psionics training.
  • craft repair.
  • alien lifeform containment.
  • internal defense.

Start Base

At game start, a fully functional X-Com base is provided for free, including some troops and equipment, scientists and engineers, and a small collection of vehicles. The location of the start base is randomly chosen according to game difficulty from the available buildings owned by the Government: you either get a warehouse or a slum building.
The start base has no operational priority. The facilities provided are in random areas. The shape of the layout may hinder efficient use of defense, living space, or other requirements.
Note a certain Superhuman cityscape building is structurally unsound. (restart the game until a more suitable place is provided).

Base Purchase

X-Com starts with one randomly designed base. Additional bases may be purchased (via the building+crane icon) at any time, funds permitting. The priority of choosing a new base:

  • the type of top-side structure (warehouse or slum) that will hide an X-Com base within the basement.
  • location of the access lift.
  • the layout of the corridors.
  • the surrounding area to shield your building from stray weapon impacts.
  • price.

A further consideration is the amount of launch tubes, however, since air vehicles can be parked at any building without using fuel, tube quantity is not important regarding how many air craft can be launched quickly.

Base Designs

Special Note: these are suggestions, it is your choice how you build them.
Note: A single base has a limit of six small and four large laboratory/workshop facilities. Only three security stations (twelve turrets in total) will be active during a base defence mission. If one station is completely destroyed, others beyond the original three, do not become active.
Certain layouts will influence the final operational design such as:

  • access lift location to funnel invaders through multiple security stations.
  • placement of vehicle repair bays next to an access lift to encourage invaders to escape.
  • corridors which allow multiple large laboratories.
  • choke-points to ambush invaders who made it past security turrets.

Design Ideas

Strike Base

  • houses X-Com combat agents (training, psi, medical).
  • home of all vehicles.
  • large stores.
  • isolated repair bays next to the lift and security stations.
  • alien containment is optional.

Research Base(s)

  • contains a single type (or mix) of laboratories.
  • access lift is surrounded by three security stations.
  • multiple 2x2 corridors for later expansion to larger labs.
  • alien containment.
  • no strike base functions.

Manufacturing Base

  • similiar to Research Base designs.
  • stores instead of alien containment.

No Containment Complications

If alien containment is not used at your strike base:

  • land at strike base, message:'keep on board', take off and go land at your bio base, return to strike base.

however if your completed mission involved unknown alien technology:

  • land at quan base, message:'keep on board', take off and go land at your bio base, return to strike base, transfer known recovered items at quan base to strike base.

A tedious method to be able to have one extra 1x1 space available at your strike base! (...but it gets worse:)
If Transtellar is hostile (no transfer functions) and you have unknown alien technology on board, then:

  • land at quan base, message:'keep on board', take off and go land at your bio base, return to strike base, sell recovered known items at quan base, buy those recovered items (if needed) at strike base.

Base Defense

An undefended X-Com base will be destroyed immediately when attacked by hostile ground forces. Move one armed agent to the building (Go To Building) immediately after purchase - living quarters does not need to be completed. Note: if no facilities have been placed, a base defense battlescape will only contain the bare corridors and access lift.

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