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General Information

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Official Entry: "Mega-Primus is a city state ruled by thirteen elected senators. This Government is directly responsible for the legal system and the mass transit systems. All other city services, including the policing of the city, are contracted to various corporations. In practice, the immense bureaucracy holds the most power. Senior civil servants are responsible for maintaining the city edicts and defining citizenship and its obligations. They cannot be removed for the jobs except through proven misconduct."

Cityscape Information

  • The Government does not sell anything useful to X-COM, but provides its weekly funding. If the Government is hostile to X-COM at the end of any week, or if it goes bankrupt, X-COM funding will be terminated. This decision is irrevocable.
  • X-COM can purchase certain buildings (slums and warehouses) from the Government in order to set up its bases in the buildings' basements. See Bases (Apocalypse) and Base Locations (Apocalypse) for more information. This service is available even if the Government is hostile to X-COM.
  • The Government is resistant to Alien Infiltration; it will progress at half the normal speed. The Senate building, however, is a prime target for infiltration.

Buildings Owned

Initial Attitude

Friendly/Allied To

Unfriendly/Hostile To

Battlescape Information

For more information, see Raid Loot Tables.


  • The Government hates the gangs, with the exception of Osiron (the ingame UFOPaedia mentions that Osiron hides their activities under legitimate trade... maybe the Government is in the scheme as well?). Besides the Aliens, S.E.L.F. and Mutant Alliance will also have ill-feelings towards them, UFOPaedia refers to banishment and discrimination made by the authorities.

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