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General Information

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Official Entry: "The Osiron syndicate is the wealthiest criminal operation in the city area. Although they are based in the slum areas they are able to conduct apparently legitimate business in the city and there is no proven link between Osiron and violent crime. It is widely suspected that they employ the services of other gangs where possible, only resorting to direct action if necessary."

Cityscape Information

  • They own a number of Slums and a Warehouse and they have Psiclone to loot.
  • A war with Osiron may not be in X-Com's interests. They are the single most powerful organization in Mega Primus, besides Megapol. Gang members like to use heavy weaponry and come in huge mobs. Furthermore, like all gangs, Osiron will raid you more often if hostile.

Buildings Owned

Initial Attitude

Unfriendly/Hostile To

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