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The MEC Suit

Instead of armor, MEC Troopers use the Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuit or MEC Suit. It is not possible to deploy a MEC Trooper without a suit. which can be damaged and need to be repaired. MEC Suits came with the Minigun as its default Primary Weapon: more advanced primary weapons need to be manufactured in Engineering before being deployed. There are 3 tiers of MEC Suits which can be customized, each unlocks a choice between two new tactical subsystems, allowing for 8 different builds of MEC Suits:

  • MEC-1 Warden:
    • Cost: §25, 40 Meld
    • Tactical Subsystems:
      • Kinetic Strike Module - A powerful arm upgrade for the MEC, allowing the wielder to pulverize adjacent cover and enemies. Also boosts mobility. (A melee attack that deals 12 damage to enemies and can destroy cover).
      • Flamethrower - Allows MEC to lay waste to a cone-shaped area. Flame can spill outside the aiming area. (Does 9 fire damage to units in the damage cone, and splits to 1 extra tile at cone's edge. Causes panic to enemies and sets fire to the environment.)
  • MEC-2 Sentinel - requires UFO Power Source research:
    • Upgrade cost: 32§, 60 Meld units, 10 Engineers.
    • Tactical Subsystems:
      • Grenade Launcher - MECs can make for their lack of thrown grenade capability with a long-range grenade launcher. (deals 4 damage)
      • Restorative Mist - Medikits require fine motor control; instead, the MEC can spray Restorative Mist to heal all nearby allies.
  • MEC-3 Paladin - requires Titan Armor research:
    • Tactical Subsystems:
      • Proximity Mines (which are smart not to detonate upon friendly units)
      • Electropulse (electric charge that can disable enemy robotic units).

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