MEC-3 Paladin (EU2012)

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MEC-3 Paladin
  • The MEC-3 is capable of deploying several powerful weapons and devices in addition to the main gun
  • Soldiers must undergo cybernetic augmentation to become MEC Troopers before they can wear a MEC in combat
  • A MEC's combat profile is too large to make effective use of battlefield cover


Research Required Titan Armor
Base Costs §106
100 Meld
25 Engineers
Health +16
Defense +10
Movement 0
Will +20
Systems Proximity Mines
Electro Pulse

Tactical Subsystems
System Description Tactical Info
Proximity Mine Launcher
Proximity mines can be deployed at medium range, and will wait nearby enemy movement before triggering their explosive charges. *Deploys an explosive mine
*The mine will detonate when an enemy enters its activation radius
*If the mine is in any explosive's blast radius, it will detonate
*3 Mines carried, each deals 8 damage
Electro Pulse
MECs can stun organic enemies and damage robotic ones with this area-of-effect electric shock device *Discharges a violent electromagnetic pulse
*Damages all nearby organic units, including allies
*Stuns robotic units for one turn
*Deals 5 damage to all units on its radius
  • The Expanded Storage MEC Trooper ability increases the number of Prox Mines carried by 2, for a total of 5.
  • Tossing a Proximity Mine through a UFO's door will open it.
  • Other Area of Effect attacks will cause the mines to go off in a sympathetic explosion, giving you a nice combo.
  • Possible game-crashing glitch if sky dropped enemies land on one.
    • Fixed as of the December 2 patch.
  • Electro Pulse will stun AND damage robotic units despite not being worded as such. Pulse does 5 damage to both organic and robotic units.
  • Electro Pulse will do full damage to Mind Merged Mechtoids and Sectopods, despite the 50% damage reduction.
  • Electro Pulse is a great way to kill off any remaining aliens that are being Mind Controlled. Since Electro Pulse is not considered an explosive, you will be able to recover intact weapons as well (just as if the Mind Controlled a alien was killed by its former comrades)!
    • Good tactic if you still need Plasma weaponry is to Mind Control an alien pod, soften them up to 5HP (using Collateral Damage, grenades if alien has them like Mutons) and corral them around MEC Trooper for a reverse piñata!
    • Make sure to use Electro Pulse to finish them off as Collateral Damage will only break weapons into fragments!

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