Medi-Kit (TFTD)

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To use this you face the injured X-Com agent or stand over the body of a stunned aquanaut. Healing: Red indicates wounds. Select body part and click on the 'Heal' button. One fatal wound will be healed and health restored. Stimulant: Restores energy and revives stunned aquanauts. To revive an unconscious aquanaut you must stand directly over the body. Pain Killer: Restores the morale of wounded aquanauts.

MediKit (TFTD).png
  • Ammo: 10 charges each of healing, stimulants, and pain killers.
  • Size: 2 high x 1 wide
  • Weight: 5
  • TUs:
    • 10 per use of a charge.
  • Manufacturing: $28,000 for parts, 420 Engineer Hours
  • Sell Price: $45,600

See Also

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