Medi-Kit (TFTD)

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Medi-Kit (TFTD)
(h x w)
2 x 1 MediKit (TFTD).png
Weight 5
D. Threshold 20
Sale Price $45,600
Research Medi-Kit
Action TU Cost Charges
Heal 10 TU 10
Stimulant 10 TU 10
Pain Killer 10 TU 10
Cost $28,000
Technician Hours 420
Workspace -
Materials -

To use this you face the injured X-COM agent or stand over the body of a stunned aquanaut.

Healing: Red indicates wounds. Select body part and click on the 'Heal' button. One fatal wound will be healed and health restored.

Stimulant: Restores energy and revives stunned aquanauts. To revive an unconscious aquanaut you must stand directly over the body.

Pain Killer: Restores the morale of wounded aquanauts.

MediKit (TFTD).png
  • Ammo: 10 charges each of healing, stimulants, and pain killers.
  • Size: 2 high x 1 wide
  • Weight: 5
  • TUs:
    • 10 per use of a charge.
  • Manufacturing: $28,000 for parts, 420 Engineer Hours
  • Sell Price: $45,600

Comparison to UFO: EUs Medi-Kit

This Medi-Kit is identical to the X-Com Medi-Kit of the first Alien War, but with the added ability to work underwater. It is only reasonable that the TFTD Medi-Kit incorporates all the functions of earlier, land-based Medi-Kits.

At the time of TFTD, the original EU-era Medi-Kit is forty years old. The challenge for X-Com in the TFTD time frame is to quickly develop a Medi-Kit that can operate underwater, at high pressure, performing quick and thorough internal diagnosis, life saving invasive surgery and drug/nutrient infusion on critically injured personnel who are themselves also underwater, at high pressure, in pressurised suits, without compromising the suit or the patient's viability. A tall order and a problem that needs to be solved quickly. We can assume that, prior to detection of the undersea alien menace, there has been little or no precedent of undersea infantry combat to spur development of a sub-aqua Medi-Kit. This explains why additional research effort is needed.

What is more difficult to explain is why X-Com bases in TFTD are not equipped with EU-era Medi-Kits at the beginning of the game. There is no reason why EU-era Medi-Kits could not be used for land missions (Port, Shipping Lane, Island) as well as for Base Defence.

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