Innate Weapons (Apocalypse)

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Innate weapons, or built-in weapons, are permanently attached to certain units and cannot be picked up or recovered.

Innate Weapons (Aliens)

Most innate weapons in X-COM Apocalypse are used by certain aliens. This section lists the statistics for all such weapons.


  • Accuracy values are the accuracy of the weapon.
  • Alien innate weapons have unlimited ammunition, with the exception of the Popper's Bomb.

Innate Weapons (Apocalypse)
Name R.O.F. Accuracy Power Damage type Range Blast radius
Megaspawn's Disruptor 0.6 r/s 75% 70 Disruptor 62.5 m N/A
Megaspawn's Launcher 0.327 r/s 85% 100 Explosive 87 m 7
Spitter's Vomit Funnel 0.692 r/s 85% 34 Entropy Enzyme 24 m N/A
Multiworm's Spit 1.12 r/s 88% 36 Entropy Enzyme 16.25 m N/A
Alien Egg's Vomit Funnel 0.9 r/s 88% 30 Entropy Enzyme 11.25 m N/A
Hyperworm's Bite 1.03 r/s 90% 40 Armor Piercing 3.125 m N/A
Queenspawn's Tentacles 0.5625 r/s 100% 255 Entropy Enzyme 56 m N/A
Popper's Bomb 0.6 r/s 90% 130 Explosive 25 m* 5
Psimorph's Mind Bender functionally identical to Mind Bender; also used by Micronoid Aggregate

*Appears to be unused; Poppers detonate when adjacent to their target.

Innate Weapons (security stations)

The gun emplacements in X-COM's security stations are fitted with the following weapons:

Apocalypse Insignia X-COM: Apocalypse: Equipment
Armor:Megapol ArmorMarsec ArmorX-COM Disruptor Armor
Weapons:Megapol LawpistolMarsec M4000 Machine GunMegapol Laser Sniper GunMegapol Auto CannonMegapol Plasma GunMarsec Heavy LauncherMarsec MinilauncherMegapol Stun GrapplePower Sword
Megapol AP GrenadeMegapol Stun GrenadeMegapol Smoke GrenadeMarsec Proximity MineMarsec High ExplosiveDiablo Incendiary Grenade
ToxigunAlien Gas
Equipment:Mind ShieldMind BenderMedi-KitMotion ScannerPsicloneElerium
Alien Artifacts:Disruptor GunDevastator CannonBoomeroidBrainsucker LauncherEntropy LauncherDimension Missile LauncherVortex MinePersonal Disruptor ShieldPersonal TeleporterPersonal Cloaking Field
Other:Innate Weapons