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Mars Security (MarSec) is a top corporation operating in the areas of private security and manufacturing of high-tech weapons and equipment. Its activities are controversial due to its secret operations and repressive methods. It appears in both X-COM: Apocalypse and X-COM: Interceptor.


General Information

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Official Entry: "The ominous and highly secretive Marsec corporation took over from X-COM as the leading provider of off-world security, as X-COM centered its activities around Mega-Primus. During the initial years of their operation Marsec was empowered to impose order on the rebellious Mars colony. Marsec (Mars Security) developed high technology weaponry and vehicles by recruiting top Scientists from Earth and using the equipment left by X-COM. With the establishment of the remote Elerium mining colonies, Marsec secured contracts for military equipment despite competition from Megapol."

Cityscape Information

  • Hostile relations with Marsec will prevent X-COM from buying any of their products. Most notably, X-COM will be unable to buy any armed vehicles. Therefore, maintaining non-hostile relations is crucial at least until the development of X-COM Hybrid Aircraft.
  • If necessary, agents' equipment produced by Marsec (see below) may also be obtained by raiding their buildings.

Buildings Owned

Product Listing

Besides providing for security on the Moon and Mars, MarSec is also the designer and manufacturer of the following products:

Initial Attitude

Friendly/Allied To

Unfriendly/Hostile To

Battlescape Information

For more information, see Raid Loot Tables.



MarSec was initially contracted by F. Denman Williams II in 2066 to take over the security of the Moon and Mars colonies from X-COM, allowing for X-COM to concentrate its efforts in fighting the alien menace. At the same time MarSec launched itself into the manufacture of military hardware with the help of Denman Dynamics, a corporation owned by Williams. With the breakout of the Frontier War on 2067, MarSec started supplying X-COM with spacecraft and weapons. Much of the corporation's reputation was gained after its violent crack-down of the riots on Mars that followed the assassination of NAA Primer-President Cameron on Mars Colony One. The unrest originated from the Elerium miners' dissatisfaction over working conditions on the colonies, which quickly turned into mass rioting following the accusations and arrest of the leaders of their union, which were accused of assassinating Cameron. MarSec's strike teams then conducted several raids to reestablish peace on Mars, with the crisis lasting for a week and causing 95 dead. Following the Frontier War, MarSec expanded its activities beyond Mars and established itself on Mega-Primus, turning itself into one of the largest military suppliers to Earth's nations and the colonies.

Product Listing


MarSec M-3 Super Avenger

MarSec Type 1 Deflector Shield

MarSec Vector Control Trusters

MarSec Tracer Cannon

Other References

- Apocalypse's UFOPedia mentions that the Psiclone implant was developed by a renegade MarSec scientist.

- MarSec (and the cheap-but-effective M-4000) first appeared in Laser Squad (the predecessor to X-COM), also as a secretive supplier of military equipment whose scientists were brainwashed to achieve the best results.

- Whether by pure coincidence or not, MarSec has some similarities to Cohaagen's (apparently unnamed) fictional Mars-based mining corporation from the 1990 sci-fi Film, Total Recall. Both MarSec and Cohaagen have lucrative Martian mining interests, private security forces, repressive methods, and little regard for the welfare and working conditions of the miners.

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