Alien Assault Ship (Apocalypse)

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Assault Ship UFOPedia picture

General Information

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The Alien Assault Ship (UFO Type 6) will eventually replace the Alien Transporter, specializing as the main craft responsible for infiltration missions during the middle stages of the game. It has double the constitution of the Transporter and 50% more armor, carrying also a larger crew and infiltration force.

Alien Assault Ship
Alien Assault Ship UFOPedia picture

The Assault Ship effectively replaces the Alien Transport as a troop carrier. It can deposit large numbers of Aliens into city buildings and is armed with a powerful beam weapon. This craft is highly dangerous and must be stopped at all costs.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia (OpenApoc Cut)

Cityscape Information

The Assault Ship is required to advance research for more advanced X-Com craft. It allows construction of the Retaliator fighter craft. After week eleven, the aliens will cease to produce this important craft, however, it may show up in Mega-Primus later on if they have an available Assault Ship in the Alien Dimension and suitable escorts.

Battlescape Information

This craft has one entrance door, located in a narrow trench in the south. The maximum height is nine levels but any agent on the roof may access level ten.


Statistics Value
Top Speed8
WeaponMedium Disruptor Beam
Weapon Power40
Weapon Range300
EquipmentSmall Disruption Shield/Cloaking Field/Teleporter
Score points300
Crew6 Anthropods, 2 Chrysalis, 4 Poppers, 2 Skeletoids, 4 Spitters
Infiltration Force5 Multiworm Eggs, 6 Anthropods, 5 Brainsuckers, 2 Multiworms, 2 Poppers, 5 Skeletoids, 2 Spitters

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