Alien Battleship (Apocalypse)

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Alien Battleship UFOPedia picture

General Information


During the late stages of the game the Alien Battleship (UFO Type 9) will be the primary alien craft responsible for infiltration, base assault and bombing missions, and will act later as an escort for Motherships.

Capture of a downed Battleship is a required research prerequisite for X-COM's ultimate craft, the Annihilator.

Alien Battleship
Alien Battleship UFOPedia picture

This immense craft is heavily armored, well armed and has a large crew. It is equipped with a Heavy Disruptor Beam and Disruptor Missiles. If the Aliens can produce just a handful of these devastating leviathans, the future of our world looks bleak.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia (OpenApoc Cut)

Cityscape Information

The Battleship is heavily armed and protected, carrying both a Heavy Disruptor Beam as its primary weapon and a Disruptor Bomb Launcher to supplement it.

Battlescape Information

The battleship is a full 9 stories high, but instead of having a standard entrance open to view, it instead crashes partway into a canal or sewer. Agents must enter one of the two tunnelways to get to the doors of the ship, which are again at the West (top/left) side of the ship. A second access point is the broken window on the western side.

Other Notes


Statistics Value
Top Speed12
WeaponsHeavy Disruptor Beam/Disruptor Bomb Launcher
Weapon Power80/94
Weapon Range600/450
EquipmentLarge Disruption Shield/Teleporter
Score points500
Crew8 Anthropods, 3 Megaspawns, 5 Poppers, 5 Skeletoids, 5 Spitters
Infiltration Force5 Multiworm Eggs, 4 Anthropods, 2 Poppers, 5 Skeletoids, 4 Spitters

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