Alien Bomber (Apocalypse)

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Alien Bomber UFOPedia picture

General Information


The Alien Bomber (UFO Type 7) will be used mainly on attacks made by the aliens on hostile organizations but from time to time will also perform subversion missions and escort other UFOs. To carry out its primary mission it is equipped with a Disruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher capable of dealing immensive damage to X-COM craft and buildings. Its armor/constitution and the use of a Large Disruption Shield makes a tough target.

Alien Bomber
Alien Bomber UFOPedia picture

The Alien Bomber is equipped with an unusual missile launcher that splits into multiple, independently targeted missiles. It also has a light beam weapon to deal with close air combat. There is a limited crew on board.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia (OpenApoc Cut)

Cityscape Information

The Bomber is a craft that the Aliens will keep using until the Control Chamber is destroyed.

Battlescape Information

The bomber has a double door at the south side of the screen, and a single entry with ramp at the north side of the screen. You must have a squad on each side or else poppers and micronoids will flank you and surprise you outside the ship.

Other Notes

The Bomber is seen during the opening video, though it does not appear ingame until several weeks after the initial incursions.

Bombers are the only Alien ships that carry Micronoids as part of their crews.


Statistics Value
Top Speed14
WeaponsDisruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher/Light Disruptor Beam
Weapon Power98/20
Weapon Range250/150
EquipmentLarge Disruption Shield Cloaking Field Teleporter
Score points300
Crew3 Anthropods, 2 Poppers, 7 Skeletoids, 3 Micronoids
Infiltration Force5 Anthropods, 3 Spitters

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