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Escort Ship UFOPedia picture

General Information

Escort Ship

Alien Escort Ships (UFO Type 8) are used during the middle and late game stages as escort vessels for Assault Ships, Bombers, Battleships and Alien Motherships. The appearance of those craft in the city is a forewarning of the appearance of the largest UFOs. Escort Ships also have the best armor of all UFOs (but rank as 3rd in constitution) and are the 2nd fastest alien craft after the Fast-Attack Ship.

The Alien Escort Ship sports an incredible 20 armor rating on all sides, causing anything with 20 or less damage to be harmlessly absorbed by the armor. This renders it completely immune to the 40mm Auto Cannon and Bolter 4000 Laser Gun and highly resistant to most other conventional weapons. The challenge of bringing down an Escort Ship is further magnified as it also boasts a very high max speed and may carry a Cloaking Field to prevent missiles from locking on. The only weapons that work reliably against a cloaked Escort Ship are Medium and Heavy Disruptor Beams, although the Lineage Plasma Cannon will have some effect.

Escort Ship
Escort Ship UFOPedia picture

This craft is fast and nimble. On its own it represents no threat, but is deadly when combined with other Alien combat ships. It is armed with a missile which generates a Stasis Field on impact. This field holds the target still for a small period of time so craft that rely on evasion for defense, become vulnerable.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia (OpenApoc Cut)

Cityscape Information

By itself the Escort Ship isn't a threat since its only weapon is a Stasis Bomb Launcher. However, the stunning effect of its missiles may make it difficult to intercept the Battleship or Mothership being escorted. The Escort Ship is a craft that the Aliens will keep using until the Control Chamber is destroyed.

Battlescape Information

The Escort Ship has one entrance at the western side of the craft located inside the deep trench. The part of the craft directly above the trench is weak and explosive. It can provide an alternative entrance to flying troops but may also drop debris onto your troops.


Statistics Value
Top Speed16
WeaponStasis Bomb Launcher
Weapon Power--
Weapon Range250
EquipmentLarge Disruption Shield/Cloaking Field/Teleporter
Score points250
Crew3 Anthropods, 1 Megaspawn, 2 Poppers, 7 Skeletoids
Infiltration Force*4 Multiworm Eggs, 4 Poppers, 3 Skeletoids, 2 Spitters

*Unused, as Escort Ships never insert aliens into buildings.

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