Alien Fast-Attack Ship (Apocalypse)

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Alien Fast-Attack Ship UFOPedia picture

General Information

Fast-Attack Ship

The appearance of Alien Fast-Attack Ships (UFO Type 4) over the city will escalate the aerial war as these craft can aggressive and dangerous during the first weeks. The aliens will deploy these craft as escorts of Transporters, Destroyers, Assault Ships and Bombers. Fast-Attack Ships will may also conduct Subversion missions to try to immediately switch an Organization to their side. Finally these craft will also conduct attacks against any organization they perceive as a threat to their plans.

Cityscape Information

Fast attack ships are the first UFO you encounter that can destroy Hoverbikes in one hit. Fortunately they will rarely hit any Hoverbike and your losses can be kept minimal if you keep them at a decent distance. They are also the first UFO with an armor rating that seriously hampers the power of conventional weapons. The 40mm Auto Cannon will harmlessly bounce off of most armor facings, and Bolter Lasers will struggle to scratch the UFO. Despite the ship's incredibly fast speed you can still hit it with missiles, and a combination of stronger terran weapons will take it down with little trouble.

Battlescape Information

The Fast Attack ship has a single entrance on the southern side of the ship, where the ship's crash has left a large depression and flames in the dirt. Aliens will often be outside of the ship when you approach. Poppers and brainsuckers will run at your troops while the others cluster and throw grenades.

Other Notes


Statistics Value
Top Speed20
WeaponMedium Disruptor Beam
Weapon Power40
Weapon Range300
EquipmentSmall Disruption Shield
Score points200
Crew6 Anthropods, 2 Brainsuckers, 1 Popper, 2 Spitters
Infiltration Force3 Anthropods, 1 Multiworm, 3 Poppers, 3 Skeletoids

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