Alien Mothership (Apocalypse)

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Alien Mothership UFOPedia picture

General Information


The Alien Mothership (UFO Type 10) is the ultimate alien craft, armed to the teeth with weapons and being the toughest UFO by its capacity to take damage. Motherships will engage in infiltration and base assault missions besides conducting aerial attacks by targeting organizations or simply dropping an Overspawn on the city.

Alien Mothership
Alien Mothership UFOPedia picture

The Mothership is an extremely large, well equipped vessel. It is armed with a Heavy Disruptor Beam, Disruptor Multi-Bombs and Stasis Field Bombs. It represents a very serious threat to the city because its purpose seems to be mass destruction rather than infiltration. If the Aliens become desperate they will deploy this craft to raze the city to the ground. They must be stopped at all costs.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia (OpenApoc Cut)

Cityscape Information

Motherships are very dangerous UFOs. They carry both a Heavy Disruptor Beam and a Disruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher. They are also equipped with a Stasis Bomb Launcher to immobilize their targets before killing them with their primary weapons.

Battlescape Information

The mothership is not as tall as the Battleship, being only 7 stories high. Its single entrance opens in the scorched earth to the north of the map.

Other Notes


Statistics Value
Top Speed8
WeaponsHeavy Disruptor Beam/Disruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher/Stasis Bomb Launcher
Weapon Power80/98/--
Weapon Range600/250/250
EquipmentLarge Disruption Shield/Teleporter
Score points700
Crew4 Anthropods, 2 Megaspawns, 5 Poppers, 2 Psimorphs, 9 Skeletoids
Infiltration Force5 Multiworm Eggs, 4 Anthropods, 5 Poppers, 6 Skeletoids, 4 Spitters

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