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Alien Transporter UFOPedia picture

General Information

Apoc ufo3 icon.png

The Alien Transporter (UFO Type 3) is probably the most important alien ship in the game. Without capturing one of these, you will never be able to research any of the craft that come after the Dimension Probe (Explorer, Bio-Trans, Retaliator, Annihilator), thus you will never be able to invade the alien dimension. Any post-Transporter vessel will unlock the three "Core" systems - the Alien Control System, Alien Energy Source and Alien Propulsion System.

Alien Transporter
Alien Transporter UFOPedia picture

The primary mission of this craft is to deposit Alien life forms inside city buildings. This represents a serious challenge for our ground forces, but if they can be shot down before they unload their passengers, then the problem will be minimized. The craft is armed with the same beam weapon as the Scout Ships or Probes, but it is slower moving and an easier target to hit.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia (OpenApoc Cut)

Cityscape Information


The Transporter itself is lightly armed and does not present significant danger to X-COM. The problems come from its escorts – fast and dangerous Fast-Attack Ships. The Transporters purpose is to infiltrate a large force into a building. Its slow speed is compensated by heavy armor, so it might take some time to bring it down. It is also the first manned Alien ship which you can assault with your troops in ground combat. You must acquire knowledge of this craft to pursue technologically advanced X-Com craft later on. After week four, the aliens will cease to produce this important craft, however, it may show up in Mega-Primus later on if they have an available Transporter in the Alien Dimension and suitable escorts.

Battlescape Information

The Tactical combat map of the Transporter.

Tactical combat is fairly easy, since there are only two entrances – facing north and south – and neither of them is shrouded in smoke from the crash. A single Megapol AP Grenade thrown to the door should lure the most of the aliens out and also lets your troops see inside. After the rush of aliens dies down, head inside from both directions and use the central elevator to reach the upper levels. By then, your opposition will probably consist of a few Spitters and Alien Eggs.


Statistics Value
Top Speed8
WeaponsLight Disruptor Beam
Weapon Power20
Weapon Range150
EquipmentSmall Disruption Shield
Score points150
Crew2 Multiworm Eggs, 4 Anthropod, 2 Multiworms, 2 Chrysalises, 1 Popper, 4 Spitters
Infiltration Force5 Anthropods, 5 Multiworm Eggs, 3 Brainsuckers, 3 Multiworms, 1 Popper, 3 Spitters

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