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A "Mixed" crew classification on an Alien Sub means that its crew consists of primarily Tasoths, accompanied by a small number of Aquatoids (Soldiers and Squad Leaders only) on all subs larger than an Escort. Subs carrying Terror Units will deploy Tentaculats and Hallucinoids. On land, the Tentaculats are replaced by random mixture of Bio-Drones and Triscenes, while Hallucinoids are replaced by a random mixture of Xarquids and Calcinites.

Mixed crews normally perform only Alien Surface Attack (terror) missions, but may also launch Floating Base Attacks if X-COM provokes them by downing their subs. As mixed crew missions tend to show up late into the game, they can be a backpath to obtaining a Calcinite if X-COM failed to capture one during the early months.

Mixed crews also man certain key Alien sites. These are described below.

Mix of races in Alien Colonies

The way alien colonies are crewed in TFTD differs slightly from UFO. Where UFO bases will be manned and supplied by the same species as the construction crew, TFTD colonies are operated with a mixture of alien types.

The topside (1st stage) of an Alien Colony is always manned by the Mixed Crew "race", meaning a mixture of Tasoths and Aquatoids accompanied by Tentaculats and Hallucinoids.

The interior (2nd stage) of an Alien colony is always manned by Lobster Men and Tentaculats.

The crew of the Fleet Supply Cruiser will be the same as the crew of the aliens that established the colony. So if Gillmen do the scouting and construction of the colony, they will also be responsible for the supply runs.

Mix of races in Artefact Sites

Both stages of an Artefact Sites feature the Mixed Crew "race", i.e. a mixture of Tasoths and Aquatoids accompanied by Tentaculats and Hallucinoids. Note that, due to an insufficient number of spawn points, Hallucinoids, Tentaculats, and occasionally even Aquatoids may fail to spawn on first stage of the mission.

Mix of races in T'leth

T'leth is manned by a unique, fixed crew. See the article for details.

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