Air Taxi (Apocalypse)

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General Information

Apoc airtaxi icon.png

Official Entry: "The wealthy citizen would not normally travel by people-tube or road, but instead hire the services of a fast and reliable Airtaxi. The styling is conspicuously based on the more humble road going version, but the ride is more refined. Expect the occasional Airtaxi you see to contain a VIP, or flamboyant Sensovision celebrity."

Cityscape Information

An automated airborne taxi, although a person aboard is required by city regulations for the personal contact factor. Celebrities are the most noticable user of air taxi services, making a flashy entrance to many occasions.

Newly-hired X-com personnel don't use Air Taxis, presumably since they're too expensive. They will travel in Autotaxis instead. This privilege is reserved for the agent with the rank of commander. When you transfer him he will be carried away in an airtaxi instead.

There is little point in enabling Air Taxis for X-Com purchase using editors, since it is a marked step down from the Phoenix Hovercar. Roleplayers will get more mileage from the Police Hovercar, which offers useful support to X-Com.


Statistics Value
EngineSD Deluxe
Engine Size2x2
Top Speed11
Score points10

  • This vehicle cannot be normally purchased by X-COM.

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