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Bio-Trans UFOPedia picture

General Information

Apoc biotrans icon.png

Official Entry: "This inter-dimensional transport is designed for transporting Alien life forms or Alien technology captured during tactical missions in the Alien Dimension."

Cityscape Information

The Bio-Trans is the second X-COM designed ship that can travel to the alien dimension, and also the first ship that can carry troops and cargo. It is designed primarily for use as a transport.

Being a transport, the Bio-Trans has minimal armament, housing a single 2×2 weapon. Its cargo space is 4×8 in dimensions, which can house up to 8 standard modules for a wide array of configurations. By utilizing Passenger Modules the Bio-trans can hold the game limit of 36 agents into battle, or 28 with the standard Bio+Cargo Modules. Its high endurance, high capacity, high agility and low cost make the Bio-Trans a clear replacement for the Valkyrie and Hawk Air Warrior, allowing these expensive transports to be sold and replaced with more efficient combat vehicles.

Building for Profit

The Bio-Trans is the most profitable construction project in the game. It gives the highest profit per engineer hour out of all other topics, and hybrid vehicles do not suffer price drops from being sold on the market. Just note, that by the time X-COM has the manufacturing power to spare, they can already massively profit from Alien Artifacts.

Free Storage

Of all the hybrid aircraft, the Bio-Trans is the only one to come standard-issue with equipment right off the assembly line. It has 4 Cargo Modules and 4 Bio-Transport Modules. Relations with Superdynamics does not affect the appearance of the Cargo Modules.


Apoc biotrans large.png
Statistics Value
Top Speed15
Weapons Slot2x2
Equipment4 Cargo Module 4 Bio-Transport Module
Equipment Size4x8
Production Cost$12000
Sale Price$34000
Labor Hours35000
Score points250

1 Armor is given as Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear/Bottom. The in-game Ufopedia rather misleadingly displays only a single armor value, the sum of the values on all six of the vehicle's facings.

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