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General Information

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Official Entry: "The first manned inter-dimensional vehicle produced for the initial exploration of Alien structures. The craft only has a small equipment and armament load and must conduct its excursions with great care."

Cityscape Information

The Explorer is the third X-COM ship that can travel to the Alien Dimension, with the design focus shifting to fighter aircraft. The Explorer is the lightweight of the X-COM combat aircraft.

The Explorer is identical to a Hawk Air Warrior in terms of armament, with hard points for a 2×3 forward weapon and a pair of 1×4 weapons on the sides. The Explorer has more restrictive module space than a Hawk, however, with only 4×3 slots.

As with all X-COM interdimensional aircraft, the Explorer does not require fuel and can stay in the air indefinitely.

X-COM must research UFO type 5 (the Destroyer) in order to research the Explorer.

Despite its respectable combat abilities, the Explorer sees a disastrously short shelf life. The UFO prerequisite for the Retaliator (the Assault Ship) appears very early on (week 3), so the superior Retaliator is unlocked very shortly after the Explorer and supersedes it.


Apoc explorer large.png
Statistics Value
Top Speed16
Weapons Slots2x3 1x4 1x4
Equipment Size4x3
Production Cost$22000
Sale Price$44000
Labor Hours55000
Score points350

1 Armor is given as Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear/Bottom. The in-game Ufopedia rather misleadingly displays only a single armor value, the sum of the values on all six of the vehicle's facings.

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