Griffon AFV (Apocalypse)

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Griffon AFV
Griffon UFOPedia picture

The meanest Marsec manufactured land based vehicle is an extremely heavily armored all-terrain vehicle with a choice of three different turret mountings. Projectile and Plasma Cannons can be fitted, or a missile launching unit for targeting airborne vehicles.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia

The Griffon AFV is the toughest road vehicle X-COM can purchase. By default, it is issued with the Rumble Cannon, one of the most powerful conventional weapons X-COM can purchase. The cannon can be swapped with a long range ground launched missile launcher or an even longer range plasma cannon. Smaller weapon pods can be used if desired. The tank has an optional medium accuracy modification slot to boost its aim on stationary targets and has room to fit the biggest grav-road engine on the market.

The Griffon's major weakness is that it not an all-terrain vehicle, but a road vehicle. The large tracks are sadly only for show. Like all other road vehicles, it will get destroyed instantly if the road underneath it is destroyed. This severely limits its usefulness as a close combat vehicle.

On the other hand, the Griffons can be very effective long range attackers. Placed strategically around the city, they provide heavy ground support for air skirmishes. To help draw fire away from them, they are best deployed once the air skirmish has already begun.


Apoc griffon large.png
Statistics Value
EngineMetro Multipower Plus
Engine Size4x4
Top Speed7
WeaponsRumble Cannon
Weapons Size4x4
Equipment Size1x2
Score points50

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