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Organisations within Mega-Primus Every Cityscape map consists buildings owned by Corporations, Political Groups, Criminal Gangs and the Government. Each business entity may have various advantages when having good relations with X-Com whereas cordial relationships with most, helps to keep the peace.

The Important Organisations

  • Government contains the Senate which is the ruling party of Mega-Primus containing political members representing the interests of all, for the common good. Extraterrestial Combat Unit (which is X-Com) is the solution to the new problem of "invaders from another world" and is funded by the Government in agreement that X-Com will remove the problem.
  • Megapol is the law within Mega-Primus. Any nefarious activity is dealt with immediately including any threats to the Government by these invaders. Self funded with armament and vehicle sales.
  • Marsec is a self-proclaimed off-world law enforcement corporation overseeing security on the planet, Mars. Self funded by an extensive range of weaponry, vehicles, and ammunition available to all well-paying customers.
  • Transtellar solar-system-wide transport company providing services to anyone, no matter how big or small.

Note: If X-Com can maintain positive fund totals, the Government issued funding may eventually become irrelevant. They are only classed as "Important" in the early game.

Goods And Services

An overview of the goods and services of each Mega-Primus organisation which X-Com may utilise against any threat to X-Com as a corporation.

  • If any organisation is hostile to X-Com, they will completely cease any option available in "Goods And Services" until relations have improved to Unfriendly, or better.
  • If any organistion is 100% infiltrated by Aliens, those Goods And Services will be permanently embargoed!
  • Mutant Alliance and S.E.L.F. may not allow their members to be hired by X-Com until their relationship is at least neutral.
OrganisationGoods And ServicesOther Services: Friendly or Allied *
Apoc govt icon.png Governmentfundingnone
Apoc megapol icon.png Megapolvehicles, armamentslarger sell quantity
Apoc sirius icon.png Cult of Siriusnonenone
Apoc marsec icon.png Marsecvehicles, armamentslarger sell quantity
Apoc sd icon.png Superdynamicsengines (air), fuel, modulesfast repairs, larger sell quantity
Apoc gm icon.png General Metrovehicles, engines (road), moduleslarger sell quantity
Apoc cyberweb icon.png Cyberwebmodulesbetter Engineers, larger sell quantity
Apoc ts icon.png Transtellarbase transfersnone
Apoc solmine icon.png SolmineEleriumlarger sell quantity
Apoc sensovision icon.png Sensovisionnonebetter Scientists
Apoc lifetree icon.png Lifetreenoneefficient training
Apoc nutrivend icon.png Nutrivendnonemore Biochemists and Engineers
Apoc evonet icon.png Evonetnonemore Biochemists
Apoc sanctuary icon.png Sanctuary Clinicnonefaster wound healing
Apoc nanotech icon.png Nanotechmedi-kitfaster wound healing
Apoc energen icon.png Energennonefaster craft refuelling
Apoc synthemesh icon.png Synthemeshnonefaster cityscape repair
Apoc gravball icon.png Grav Ball Leaguenonestronger Agents for hire
Apoc psyke icon.png Psykenonemore Agents
Apoc diablo icon.png Diabloincendiary grenadesmore Agents
Apoc osiron icon.png Osironnonemore Agents
Apoc self icon.png S.E.L.F.Androids for hiremore Androids
Apoc mutant icon.png Mutant AllianceHybrids for hiremore Hybrids
Apoc extropians icon.png Extropiansnonebetter relations with large organisations
Apoc technocr icon.png Technocratsnonebetter relations with small organisations

* According to "PC Zone X-Com Apocalypse Tips Book".
It has been comfirmed that any advantage mentioned in this column is false and has no effect.

Corporate Security Guards

Each organisation has some capability to defend itself against minor threats to its personel, the structure, and the $mooth operation of the company.
Security Guards are found as:

  • Police within Megapol owned buildings.
  • Gangsters within gang controlled buildings.
  • Cultists within their temples.
  • Building Security available to all others.

"Building Security" may be also known as "Guards"
The maximum quantity of security guards within each particular corporation is typically sixteen units. It may be randomly higher or lower but only to a limit of ±25% of the total. The limit is twenty of any type.
Security Guards are encountered when X-Com raids another organisation. If X-Com is hostile to the organisation when searching their buildings for alien infestation, Security Guards will also appear alongside any alien lifeforms that have been found. Note: X-Com base invaders, Corporate Thugs, are not building security, or guards, or security and will only appear inside a base defence mission.

  • Tech Levels granted to each are always the same for a new game irrelevant of which difficulty was chosen.
  • Security Guards are always human. Android or Hybrids are not used (even if their inventory picture displays them as such when probed or mind controlled).
OrganizationSecurity Guard TotalsTech Level
Apoc govt icon.png Government14 Guards3
Apoc megapol icon.png Megapol16 Police3
Apoc sirius icon.png Cult of Sirius10 Cultists2
Apoc marsec icon.png Marsec14 Guards4
Apoc sd icon.png Superdynamics9 Guards2
Apoc gm icon.png General Metro8 Guards2
Apoc cyberweb icon.png Cyberweb11 Guards3
Apoc ts icon.png Transtellar8 Guards2
Apoc solmine icon.png Solmine12 Guards4
Apoc sensovision icon.png Sensovision7 Guards2
Apoc lifetree icon.png Lifetree9 Guards1
Apoc nutrivend icon.png Nutrivend7 Guards1
Apoc evonet icon.png Evonet7 Guards1
Apoc sanctuary icon.png Sanctuary Clinic7 Guards1
Apoc nanotech icon.png Nanotech10 Guards2
Apoc energen icon.png Energen7 Guards1
Apoc synthemesh icon.png Synthemesh7 Guards1
Apoc gravball icon.png Grav Ball League7 Guards1
Apoc psyke icon.png Psyke10 Gangsters4
Apoc diablo icon.png Diablo13 Gangsters4
Apoc osiron icon.png Osiron16 Gangsters4
Apoc self icon.png S.E.L.F.10 Guards3
Apoc mutant icon.png Mutant Alliance10 Guards3
Apoc extropians icon.png Extropians7 Guards1
Apoc technocr icon.png Technocrats7 Guards1

Corporate Funds

As Mega-Primus grows in wealth within the confines of the citywalls with its un-expanding landscape, each organisation's balance sheet of initial funds and weekly profit-or-loss totals is freely available to view by anyone.
Each organisation has initial funding and then weekly funding based on the week previous.

  • Liquidity of any company (including X-Com) will be decreased immediately if targeted by any hostile performing a raid in a destructive fashion.
  • Weekly Profits are decreased by damage and destruction of the cityscape building Ψ.
  • Funding or Weekly Profits of any organisation, except the Government and X-COM, usually does not matter since it does not influence anything important.

Ψ The government owns the top-side structure whereas X-Com owns the basement. Damage to the top-side and the repair costs are borne by the government, not X-Com.

Vehicle Parks

Each organisation has a pool of air and ground vehicles available from the start of the game. X-COM will always begin the game with two Phoenix Hovercars, one Valkyrie Interceptor, one Wolfhound APC and one Stormdog. The starting vehicles of other organisations are partially randomized. Generally speaking, the more combat-focused organisations (e.g. Megapol and the gangs) will have far more combat vehicles than the corporations and political groups, some of which will have none at all. Wealthier organisations also tend to have more vehicles than the poorer ones.

Any vehicle lost during Cityscape fighting will be removed from the owner's vehicle pool. As the game progresses, organisations will use their funds to buy new vehicles and replace lost ones. Bankrupt organisations cannot buy new vehicles.

Civilian vehicles

All organisations except X-COM use civilian vehicles for various day-to-day activities. Most will simply move from one building to another and are of no concern to X-COM. Some, however, are important because they are used to deliver X-COM's new purchases or newly-hired employees, or to transfer goods between X-COM bases. If these get destroyed, anything they're carrying will be lost as well.

Occasionally, unarmed civilian air vehicles will be scrambled to defend an organisation's building, presumably in an attempt to distract the attacking vehicles.

Military and police vehicles

Organisations will scramble armed air vehicles to defend any of their buildings that get attacked by hostile vehicles, including alien craft and Overspawn. They can potentially use the same four vehicle types available to X-COM: Hoverbike, Phoenix Hovercar, Valkyrie Interceptor and Hawk Air Warrior (though many cannot afford the latter two). The only exception is Megapol, who will use Police Hovercars instead of Phoenix Hovercars and Hoverbikes.

Aggressive organisations (Megapol, the gangs, and infiltrated organisations) will also occasionally send "Illegal Flyers" to attack enemy buildings. Megapol will also have a number of Hovercars on standby throughout the city, ready to respond to any human or alien threat.

While some organisations start with armed military ground vehicles, they do not seem to actually use them, or buy new ones. Furthermore, causing enough damage to a building owned by one of these organisations may cause some of the vehicles to disappear from the pool. The only military ground vehicles seen on the streets of Mega-Primus are the unarmed Blazer Turbo Bikes, which behave like civilian vehicles. The only armed ground vehicles on the streets are Megapol's Police Cars, which will constantly patrol the city and engage any hostiles they encounter.

Vehicles owned by organisations other than X-COM only use their default weapons and equipment; they never have upgrades.

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