Phoenix Hovercar (Apocalypse)

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Phoenix Hovercar UFOPedia picture

General Information

Apoc phoenix icon.png

Official Entry: "The Phoenix is manufactured by Marsec mainly for military purposes. This sleek but rugged vehicle is used for reconnaissance in dangerous environments such as the Mars colony. A variety of weapon and engine configurations can be used and a well equipped Phoenix is more than a match for a police Hovercar."

Cityscape Information

The Phoenix Hovercar is a simple military flying car for agents that want to fight in style. It sports two standard small weapon hardpoints and a normal upgrade module slot. It's a cheap combat vehicle that is small and fast enough to dodge most incoming hostile attacks. It's best used in groups or as support for hoverbike fleets.

The Hovercar gets renewed viability in the late game thanks to Disruption Shields. Its 2x2 cargo bay can fit a shield, giving an extra 200HP buffer that more than triples its endurance. This lets it survive against alien missiles and weapons that would otherwise destroy swarm craft.


Apoc phoenix large.png
Statistics Value
EngineSD Sports
Engine Size2x4
Top Speed13 (using SD Turbo)
Acceleration7 (using SD Turbo)
Weapons1 Bolter 4000 Laser Gun 1 Janitor Missile Array
Weapons Slots1x3 1x3
Equipment Size2x2
Score points40

1 Armor is given as Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear/Bottom. The in-game Ufopedia rather misleadingly displays only a single armor value, the sum of the values on all six of the vehicle's facings.

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