Police Hovercar (Apocalypse)

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Police Hovercar UFOPedia picture

General Information

Apoc policehovercar icon.png

Official Entry: "Megapol's police Hovercars are the scourge of the slum dwelling criminal gangs. They are well armed and able to travel freely within and outside the city boundaries, scouring the ground or air for unlicensed criminal vehicles. They are no match for heavier military vehicles, but Megapol is able to manufacture many of these scout cars and can replace any losses. The vehicle's styling is required to conform to city aesthetic ordinances concerning pleasurable design of public vehicles."

Cityscape Information

A Phoenix Hovercar used by the police.

Police cars have basic weaponry, but they are woefully under-equipped to respond to the alien threat. Mega-Primus' finest will despite this bravely engage any UFO's they come into contact with.

As police cars are always on active patrol, hostile relations with Megapol will cause X-COM craft serious problems as every police officer in the city will consider X-COM no better than criminals on the street.


Statistics Value
EngineSD Sports
Engine Size2x4
Top Speed12
Weapons1 Bolter 4000 Laser Gun 1 40mm Auto Cannon
Weapons Slots1x3 1x3
Equipment Size2x2
Score points20

  • This vehicle cannot be normally purchased by X-COM.

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