Space Liner (Apocalypse)

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Space Liner UFOPedia picture

General Information

Apoc spaceliner icon.png

Official Entry: The huge Space Liners enable commerce with Mars, the Moon and the deep space mining colonies. Huge quantities of manufactured goods are transported outwards, the Space Liners then return laden with raw materials and small quantities of the precious Elerium."

Cityscape Information

Used by Transtellar. Usually seen landing and taking-off at space ports. In gameplay terms they aren't good for much except target practice, which will upset Transtellar, which will cast a cloud over your day.

In X-COM Service

The Space Liner can be unlocked for purchase by X-COM using savegame editors. However, the vehicle is too big, too fast and too unwieldy to be useful. A canny player could use Apoc'd to apply the Annihilator's equipment layout to the Space Liner, which will properly represent its capacity to mount numerous Cargo Modules as well as heavy weapons to fend off threats in space. However, the Space Liner's purchase price renders this pointless; it takes a staunch heart to watch half a million dollars go up in flames.


Statistics Value
EngineSD Special
Engine Size4x4
Top Speed15
Manufacturer2 Government
Score points250

1 Armor is given as Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear/Bottom. The in-game Ufopedia rather misleadingly displays only a single armor value, the sum of the values on all six of the vehicle's facings.
2 This vehicle cannot normally be purchased by X-COM.

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