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Humans, Hybrids, Robots, and friends.

A Populated City

Mega-Primus is home to a variety of peoples ...and home to a strange collection of alien lifeforms who have recently taken up residence in various buildings.


Mega-Primus is an environmentally sustainable modern city that accommodates many. The majority are respectable citizens, some not so much, and others are just not welcome within the city walls. A new threat of otherworldly beings is also apparent and must be removed to safeguard the populace.
X-Com's role is to remove these alien invaders and in doing so, X-Com agents will meet some of the inhabitants of the city by:

  • Investigation, detection, and removal of aliens within an organisation's building.
  • Raiding a company building belonging to any, allied to hostile, organisation.
  • Retaliation for X-Com's hostile actions by an invading force attemping to destroy an X-Com base.

X-Com may also offer job opportunities to anyone willing to help:

  • Citizens offering their willingness to fight any threat to Mega-Primus can be hired as Agents.
  • Anyone not willing to fight can be hired as a professional Technical Personel instead, assisting with research of biological specimens and strange organic items, and to use that acquired knowledge to construct advanced, exotic technologies.

Building Defence

Any company building will use its own members as a Defence Force to defend the structure and to fight any invaders:

  • Police appear within any Megapol owned building.
  • Cultists appear in any Cult Of Sirius Temple.
  • Gangsters appear in gang owned buildings, typically derelict slums.
  • Building Security are hired Guards that appear within all buildings which do not have a dedicated defence force.

If an X-Com base is attacked by any hostile organisation, the same style of Defence Force will appear inside the layout of the base except any company which uses Building Security as these hired Guards will refuse to participate in attacking an X-Com base. A hostile company will then resort to using Corporate Hoods ...which are less inclined to care but only if the price is right!

  • Every Organisation has an internal limit of Buildng Defence member appearing on the battlescape. This quantity is unknown to the player but it ranges from +4 to -4 of the default quantity.

The Population

Technical Personel, Citizens, Police, Cultists, Gangsters, Building Security, Corporate Thugs! Everyone has a name, everyone has a purpose. Any and every Human, Hybrid and Android has a value of ten "points".

X-Com Technical Personnel

X-Com Technical Personel
Technical Personel

Scientists (Bio-chemists and Quantum Physicists) and Engineers are hired to work inside X-Com laboratories and Workshop as skilled professionals and will be present on the battlescape if a base has come under attack by hostile ground forces.
On any base defence mission, professionals do not engage in combat and do not have an inventory. They also cannot kneel or go prone. Their attributes are similar to other simple units such as Civilians. All technical personnel use the same portraits as human agents, are assigned the Rookie rank, and their icons on the battlescape control panel look identical to those of rookie human agents. Do not confuse the two!
Any newly hired professional will be offered a Transtellar Autotaxi for transport to their new base. If too many are hired or not enough taxis, any newly hired units must instead use the people tube network. Some problems may arise:

  • City damage may prevent any new hire from using the damaged people tubes.
  • An X-Com base may be breach of environmental laws and will be classed as unsustainable if a large amount of people resides within. Mandatory decrease of inhabitants will be immediately enforced if attempting to hire more.
  • Military vehicles are prohibited from transporting any civilians. Technical personnel cannot be placed within any vehicle owned by X-Com. By law, they must use public transport options only.


     Middle Class      ¦     Upper Class       ¦     Lower Class
   Male     Female        Male    Female         Male     Female
Civilians appearing within Mega-Primus

The population of Mega-Primus live their lives in peace with their robotic servants. Any modern society will contain a broad range of peoples of a particular economic status: Lower class, Middle class, and Upper class. Any residential building: slums, apartments and luxury apartments will have a high density of relevant citizens. Areas of employment will have a lower quantity of civilians whereas some buildings will have none at all! All civilians will avoid hostilities between organisations (no civilians appear on any raid actions) but may be under threat by aliens present within their buildings (civilians only appear when X-Com is removing an alien infestation).
Civilians will avoid combat and will often be in a state of panic by running around aimlessly. Aliens do not attack civilians since infiltration and eventual Micronoid infection is the goal, although they may injure or kill by accident.
If any civilian is killed irrelevant who caused the death, the Government will penalise X-Com by reducing the mission score by -10 for each casualty however civilian deaths have no effect on X-Com's relations with the organisation that owns the building.


Megapol Poilce

Police officers are responsible for enforcing law and order within the city. Officers are well-armed (Tech Level 3) but do not wear their own style of armor. Academy training allows these units to start with better than average reactions and good built-in armor but do not have good psionic resistance.



Cult of Sirius zealots are moderately armed (Tech Level 2). Religious studies have stunted their accuracy and have weaker than average built-in armor values however, their mythological teachings has allowed them to have above average psionic defense.



Gangsters are very well-armed (Tech Level 4) although their accuracy is less than average. Psiclone use has decreased their psionic defence but has made their reactions better.

Building Security

Building Security

Building Security, also known as "Guards" may use any starting Tech Level. Their equipment depends on their employment. Larger organisations such as Marsec and Solmine use level four whereas others such as Superdynamics and Evonet will use level one. Attributes are less then average since these units are hired members of Mega-Primus and are not well trained in combat.

Corporate Hood

Corporate Hoods

Corporate Hoods replace Building Security when assaulting an X-com base. The hood's Tech Level depends on which organisation is raiding the base, typically matching the level given to Guards. Their attributes are similar to building security but have slightly better accuracy skill.

Robotic Workers

Robots: Workers, Factory Assistants, Haulers, Cleaners, Household Assistants

No robots are active on any battlescape and all have been immediately shutdown due to human proximity as a safety precaution. They do not move and cannot be selected. Destroyed robots will either:

  • Disappear in a puff of smoke or stun gas or have no effect.
  • Detonate in a small 3x3 explosion, causing minor damage.
  • Explode in flames (common incendiary effect) which can spread to other flammable things.

...and may have different consequences within different buildings.



The Sectoid race of aliens is present within the Alien Dimension as a food source. The enemy of a previous X-COM game has become an alien delicacy! Sectoid lifeforms are only found inside the Food Chamber and are no threat to X-Com. They are being held captive as 'free-range' food and behave exactly like civilians - moving about in the Food Chamber in a panic. If choosing to not kill off the Sectoids, Mutant Alliance will become friendly or better, towards X-Com at the conclusion of battle and will also become immediately hostile to Aliens, if not already.
Aliens will not target their food. A Sectoid has a value of ten points, hence, a penalty of -10 is applied to the Tactical Mission score for each Sectoid killed, irrelevant of cause!
Sectoids are typically found in a loose group of up to twenty.

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