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Escort Ship UFOPedia picture

General Information

Escort Ship

Alien Escort Ships (UFO Type 8) are used during the middle and late game stages as escort vessels for Assault Ships, Bombers, Battleships and Alien Motherships. The appearance of those craft in the city is a forewarning of the appearance of the largest UFOs. Escort Ships also have the best armor of all UFOs (but rank as 3rd in constitution) and are the 2nd fastest alien craft after the Fast-Attack Ship.

Cityscape Information

By itself the craft isn't a threat since its only weapon is a Stasis Bomb Launcher. But while operating with other UFOs it will use their weapon with deadly propose, freezing any X-COM craft with it while the Battleships and Motherships pounce on the immobile and helpless craft.

Their speed can make it harder to intercept those UFOs plus their later use of Cloaking Fields will also hinder targeting those craft.

Battlescape Information

Other Notes


Statistics Value
Top Speed16
WeaponStasis Bomb Launcher
Weapon Power--
Weapon Range250
EquipmentLarge Disruption Shield/Cloaking Field/Teleporter
Score points250
Crew3 Anthropods, 1 Megaspawn, 2 Poppers, 7 Skeletoids
Infiltration Force4 Multiworm Eggs, 4 Poppers, 3 Skeletoids, 2 Spitters

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