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Entry organization

  • Where to put weapon comparisons? Some have their own pages, and some are in the entry for the TFTD weapon.
  • Where to put ammo information? Some ammo (Hydrojet etc.) are on the weapon entry, and some also have their own entry.. Maybe it's best to have the ammo entries redirect to the weapon entry and put all the info there?
  • UFOs or USOs? The game still refers to "UFOpedia", but I guess USO is more clear... Cesium 01:21, 12 February 2010 (EST)

My take on those questions:
  • Not entirely sure about that, though Weapon Analysis is a rather universal page for any form of weapon comparison between or within the first two games. Apocalypse got its own section since it can't be as easily compare as the first two stat for stat.
  • As for the ammo - if we follow the in-game convention, human weapons have their ammo in the weapon ufopaedia entry, whereas the alien weapons have the ammo as a separate entry. There are two ways to go about it - we can put the ammo in separate pages or use redirects and combine them into a single page. Each method has its benefit, so I'll go with what's accepted by the majority. Having the ammo in separate pages would make it a lot easier to create a universal description template - I've been scratching my head on how to draft up a table that efficiently combines the ammo and weapon stats for ages now.
  • Ufopedia is the official in-game description. Note the "e" instead of "ae". I don't mind it in particular, but there is some resistance to the use of "USO". It wasn't used in TFTD, and didn't really come into official terminology until Interceptor (I think in David Ellis' official strategy guide). As they are used in the game: Alien Submarine or Alien Sub would be the best way to describe the ships with the least amount of strife. -NKF 02:19, 12 February 2010 (EST)
  • I think it's more "researched vs starting" weapons, not "alien vs human". TFTD also has separate entries for gauss ammo. I'm curious about the "universal description template", what do you refer to? Cesium 02:55, 12 February 2010 (EST)
In the early days, the comparisons were put directly into the main articles, but as we've added the analysis section and have since adopted taking a more neutral point of view for the factual articles, the comparisons are being phased out of the articles and move to the analysis section. We haven't quite caught them all I'm afraid.
As for "researched vs starting" and "alien vs human", I guess that's true. Originally UFO didn't have separate ammo entries for its laser weapons (not having any to begin with!), so it was "human vs. alien". When TFTD introduced 3 extra items to make the ammo, they got separate ufopaedia entries and it became "researched vs. starting.".
As for the template, check the Talk:Pistol page. Been yonks since I worked on it. Am also working on a similar version for the alien stats. I was hoping to make something simple, but the amount of variables that you need to plug in, and I'm not that hot with table formatting, makes the whole template rather unwieldy. Maybe several short templates would work better. -NKF 05:42, 12 February 2010 (EST)

Scoring Link

SHouldn't the scoring link go to its own page or at least the EU Equivilant--Ditto51 04:46, 4 September 2013 (EDT)

Laying the Table Out like that of the EU 1994 Table

The table for EU (1994) has a separate column for X-COM, the bases and exomnics and so on which was kept separate from the UFO Detection and Interception Pages.

UFO Badge UFO: Enemy Unknown (aka X-COM: UFO Defense)
General Information
The Geoscape


UFO Detection
UFO Interception
X-COM Bases
Base Facilities
Country Funding
X-COM Craft
Craft Armaments


Heavy Weapons Platforms
Miscellaneous Equipment
Alien Life Forms
Overview of Aliens
Alien Missions
Alien Ranks
UFO Components
Alien Artefacts
The Battlescape (Tactical Combat)

Mission Types

UFO Crash Recovery
UFO Ground Assault
Alien Base Assault
Terror Missions
Base Defence


Field Manual
Night Missions
Squad Composition
Rear Commanders
Initial Deployment
Sweeping the Battlescape
Time Management
Reaction Training
Reaction Fire Triggers
Alien Movement Patterns
Proximity Grenade
Smoke Grenade
Grenade Relay
Stun Rod
Game Strategies
A Beginner's Guide
Base Management
Base Layout Strategy
Experience Training
UFO Recovery Values
Manufacturing Profitability
Tricks, Tips and Hints
Common Mistakes
Managing the Item Limit
Making the Game Harder
Murphy's Laws of X-COM
Miscellaneous Information
X-COM Timeline
Weapon Analysis
Sightings in other fandoms
Glossary of Terms
Data Canisters
Realistic Equivalents
Cultural Influences on X-COM
Game Editors & Mods
Council of Funding Nations
The Mysteries of X-COM
GUS Music in Dosbox
Ideal DOSBox Settings (UFO/TFTD)
Technical Information
Game Mechanics
Destroying Terrain
Damage Modifiers
Fatal Wounds
Accuracy Formula
Reaction Fire
Recovery Time
Equipment Recovery
Line of Sight
Difficulty Levels
Research Technical Details
Data Tables
Alien Appearance Ratios
Inventory TU Table
Movement TU Tables
Item Weight
Unit Height
Kill Modelling
Starting Stats
Alien Stats
Research Times
Game Files
Known Bugs
Game Versions
Open Questions
TFTD Badge X-COM: Terror From the Deep
General Information
The Geoscape
X-COM Subs
Sub Armaments
Submersible Weapons Systems
Base Facilities
Alien Research
Alien Artefacts
Alien Life Forms
Overviews of Aliens
Alien Missions
Alien Ranks
Terror Units
Alien Weapon Loadouts
Alien Subs
Alien Sub Components
The Battlescape (Tactical Combat)
Battlescape Overview
Mission Types
Alien Sub Crash Recovery
Alien Submarine Assault
Terror Mission
Port Attack
Island Attack
Shipping Lane Mission
Artefact Site
Colony Assault
Base Defense
Game Strategies
TFTD Strategy Guide
Weapon Effectiveness tables
Weapon Analysis
Realistic Equivalents
Sightings in other fandoms
Enabling the cinematic intro/outro
Wish List
GUS Music in Dosbox
Ideal DOSBox Settings (UFO/TFTD)
Technical Information
Data Tables
Alien Appearance Ratios
Game Files
Known Bugs
Research Tree Bug Avoidance Guide

They just appear to be extremely different for two games that were virtually the same with the exception of TFTD being an extremely hard expansion like game. --Ditto51 18:02, 5 September 2013 (EDT)