Precision Lasers (EU2012)

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Project Lightwire Results
Precision Lasers

After a number of failed experiments, we've finally succeeded in focusing an accelerated energy pulse through a narrow-field lens while still maintaining adequate energy efficiency. The result is an extremely capable weapon akin to a traditional sniper rifle, but with a much greater chance of inflicting critical damage on enemy targets. We believe this weapon is now ready for deployment in the field, once Dr. Shen and his team complete the fabrication process. During our testing, we've also developed another prototype operating under the same principle, but relying on a modified prism to scatter the beam rather than focus it. We envision this weapon filling the same tactical role as a traditional shotgun, but without the ammunition constraints... and with greater damage output. However, as with our other laser-based weaponry, heat dissipation issues continue to plague these designs.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives


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