Alien Infiltration (Apocalypse)

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Scout Ship conducting an infiltration mission into a building.
Animation frame of a Transporter dropping aliens

Alien Infiltration occurs when the aliens directly deploy alien life forms into a building with a grey smokey tube from a UFO hovering above (observable in the isometric view).

Alien Infiltration is the ultimate goal. To sustain the Micronoid lifeforms with more suitable hosts... humans!


Aliens inserted (dropped) into a building may spread to adjacent buildings using the people tube network, influencing and infiltrating other organizations to continue life of the Micronoid at the detriment of their unwilling hosts. Aliens dropping into buildings is the only way to get close to humans and it is the most urgent of tasks X-Com must prevent.

Infiltration Graph

The aliens may send, in the near future, additional craft to re-inforce the original drop squad (if not immediately killed off by X-Com).
Alien infiltration start progress is displayed via the available Infiltration Graph and indicates which organisation is 'having problems'. If ignored, and after about 24 hours roughly with possible "Alien Spotted" alerts, the graph will show a further upward trend (line) for organisations local to the drop zone, then alien infiltration (and conversion) is progressing. If the alien presence is ignored, it will slowly convert the organisation into becoming more tolerant of the aliens (the graph denotes an almost vertical upward trend but under the 50% threshold).
If the inflitration graph shows an abrupt curve downwards for the line, it means that the aliens are dying off due to their short life span and from lack of re-inforcements. This organisation will slowly return to baseline of 0% Infiltration without any assistance from X-Com. If alien reinforcemnts are available (future drops or by aliens moving back from nearby buildings), the organisation may pass the 50% threshold for infiltration. If X-Com ignores this situation after the 50% marker is passed, infiltration towards 100% is almost certain. The converted (100% infiltrated) organization will fall under total and irreversible alien control. They will be allied with the Aliens and obviously hostile to X-Com. Other effects include an embargo on trading if they provided goods on the market, gaining a boost in weapon technology (+3 tech level (...and will use the most agressive setting of 'diplomacy' via the Megapol/Gangs settings for criminal actions (Illegal Flier and Base Attack), however, this escalation is never known to a player).


To stop the aliens at their subversive actions, it is vital to shoot down any UFO (especially Scouts, Transporters and Assault Ships ) before they complete their 'grey tube' animation. That is, the animation consists of: the craft starts to hover (wobble), makes the grey smokey tube, the bulge moves down, retracts the tube, pauses for a moment, then moves off (typically slight faster than when first appeared in the city). Anytime a craft is stopped (destroyed or going to crash land) from completing the animation to the end, it means that the drop was unsuccessful! Often, if a UFO is sustaining damage past its internal threshold of 'massive damage, abort mission, returning to alien dimension', the drop animation may be completed but no aliens will be inserted to the building. To make sure there are no aliens in the building, an X-Com search of the building for infestation should be of the highest priority.

To prevent aliens from spreading to adjacent buildings, destroying the people tubes connecting the structures together will be necessary (using manual control of a vehicle). As a desperate tactic, the owners, Transtellar won't be happy!


In times past it was believed that a UFO hovering over a building and dropping a 'blue rain' would instantly convert that organisation be be 100% infiltrated. This is incorrect. The purpose of such 'blue rain' (hence called "Micronoid Rain") is to scan the structure for the presence of an X-Com base.

Infiltration Information

The effectiveness (as listed in the tables below) of converting humans and how quickly infiltration will progress (time before 100% is reached) depends on:

  • the type of building.
  • the company/organization involved.
  • the type of aliens dropped.
  • if an X-Com mission to kill the aliens was unsuccesful and some aliens remain.
  • some alien entities returned to the building (via the people tubes) after escaping when X-Com undertook a Search.
Building Infiltration Potential
People Tube, Road None
Appliances Factory, Arms Factory, Astrodome, Car Factory, Construction Factory, Flyer Factory, Hydro-Farm, Large Flyer Factory, Power Station, Recyclotorium, Rescue Station, Robot Factory, Sewage Works, Slums, Water Purifier, Warehouse Low
Apartments, Hospital, Luxury Apartments, Offices, Police Station, Procreation Park, School, Sensodrome, Shopping Mall, Space Port, Temple of Sirius Average
Corporate HQ High
Senate Very High

Organization infiltration speed

Organization Infiltration Speed
S.E.L.F., X-COM 0%*
Government, Mutant Alliance 50%
Cyberweb, Energen, Evonet, General Metro, Grav Ball League, Lifetree, Marsec, Megapol, Nanotech, Nutrivend, Sanctuary Clinic, Sensovision, Solmine, Superdynamics, Synthemesh, Transtellar 100%
Diablo, Extropians, Osiron, Psyke, Technocrats 150%
Cult of Sirius 200%

*These organizations are completely immune to infiltration.

Alien infiltration weight

Alien Infiltration Weight
Chrysalis, Multiworm Egg 0
Brainsucker, Hyperworm, Megaspawn*, Multiworm, Popper, Queenspawn* 1
Anthropod, Micronoid Aggregate*, Skeletoid, Spitter 2
Psimorph* 3

*These aliens are not normally deployed for infiltration missions.

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