MEC-2 Sentinel (EU2012)

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MEC-2 Sentinel
  • The MEC-2 is capable of deploying a wider variety of weapons and devices than its predecessor
  • Soldiers must undergo cybernetic augmentation to become MEC Troopers before they can wear a MEC in combat
  • A MEC's combat profile is too large to make effective use of battlefield cover


Research Required UFO Power Source
Base Costs §32
60 Meld
10 Engineers
Health +12
Defense +10
Movement 0
Will +15
Systems Grenade Launcher
Restorative Mist
Tactical Subsystems
System Description Tactical Info

Grenade Launcher
MECs can make for their lack of thrown grenade capability with a long-range grenade launcher. *Launches grenades much further than an unmodified soldier can throw them
*Uses regular grenades, but will automatically upgrade to alien grenades if that technology is developed in the Foundry
*2 grenades carried, each deals 4 damage

Restorative Mist
Medikits require fine motor control; instead, the MEC can spray Restorative Mist to heal all nearby allies. *Releases a cloud of mist that heals, similar to the Medikit
*Affects all nearby allies instead of a single target
*Single use only, heals 4 HP to all units in the cloud

  • The Grenade Launcher's damage can be increased from 4 to 5 through the Alien Grenade Foundry project.
  • Restorative Mist can also be upgraded from 4 to 6 HP healing through the Improved Medikit project.
  • The Expanded Storage MEC Trooper ability increases the number of grenades and mist uses by 1, to a total of 3 grenades and 2 restorative mists.
  • Grenade Launcher is similar to the aliens' Bombard ability.
  • Restorative Mist includes self and units in Area of Effect. Does not stabilize critically wounded soldiers.

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