Gas Grenade (EU2012)

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Gas Grenade

Our advanced research in alien physiology has allowed us to synthesize a modified version of the poison projected by the Thin Man, and containerize it in grenade form.

  • Creates a poison gas cloud at impact site
  • Affects all targets in blast radius
  • Poison lasts 1-3 turns, doing 1 damage each turn. It also reduces Aim by 20 points.


Research Required Thin Man Autopsy
Base Costs §35
2 Thin Man Corpses
7 Engineers
Abilities/Stats Poison Cloud
  • Robotic units, Thin Men, and MECs are immune.
  • The poison cloud will still affect your soldiers moving through it, unless they have a Respirator Implant or Titan Armor.
    • As opposed to the fairly low damage over time, it's probably better to use this for the -20 Aim that poison status inflicts.

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