Respirator Implant (EU2012)

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Respirator Implant

We can fabricate a module that will automatically detect chemical and physical threats to a soldier's oxygen supply, and deploy uncomfortable but potentially life-saving oxygen tube shunts in a matter of seconds. This module will fit all of XCOM's armor designs.

  • Confers immunity to poison and Strangle
  • Confers 2 extra health


Research Required Seeker Autopsy
Base Costs §35
5 Engineers
Abilities/Stats See Description
  • After Titan Armor is developed and deployed, this device is still useful with Psi armors. Even with Titan Armor you may want to bring it for the extra 2 Health Points it provides.
    • Thus, they supersede Nanofiber Vests in utility. Particularly on harder difficulties, it may be more cost-effective (and quicker) to skip vests and go for the Implant first, especially in light of Seekers being able to sneak attack past the starting armor's +1 health, putting your soldiers into recovery time, and the many Thin Men you'll be facing (and be at risk of poisoning from) for a while.

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