S.C.O.P.E. (EU2012)

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When equipped, this advanced targeting module integrates with XCOM's Active HUD system to offer a significant increase to our soldier's aim.

  • Provides an Aim bonus of 10 to the user
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Weapon Fragments
Base Costs §20
5 Engineers
Abilities/Stats +10 Aim

  • S.C.O.P.E.s can be upgraded to give a +10 Critical chance through the Foundry's project Improved S.C.O.P.E.
  • S.C.O.P.E.s can be very useful on Shotgun-wielding soldiers, extending their range by negating some of the range drop-off.
  • Pair this with a Light Plasma Rifle to get nearly guaranteed hits (+20 Aim).
    • Even a rookie with a Light Plasma Rifle and S.C.O.P.E. will have trouble missing.
  • S.C.O.P.E.s can be excellent on Squadsight Snipers. The aim bonus helps them remain accurate against enemies with defensive bonuses or who are in cover, the additional crit chance makes their shots more lethal, and they should ideally be fighting from out of range of other equipment options.
  • Crit bonus S.C.O.P.E. Upgrade doesn't show up in the detailed info screen, but it's there.
  • Aim and Crit bonus from S.C.O.P.E. don't stack with pistol upgrades.
  • All-in-all, the S.C.O.P.E is a safe bet almost anywhere and it never hurts to have a few spares lying around. If you have absolutely no idea what to give a soldier, give them a S.C.O.P.E.
    • It's probably easier to count the instances where a S.C.O.P.E. is actually a bad idea than it is to count where a S.C.O.P.E. is a good idea.

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