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EXALT units use a varied assortment of class-specific weapons. When killed they will drop their unique weapons which can be retrieved after a successful mission and used instead of XCOM's models, with the exception of the grenades. Their versions are functionally identical to XCOM's models, for both conventional and laser weapons (which need the matching Laser research before use).

They can be sold for varying prices on the Grey Market, and occasional Council sales, albeit at vastly lower prices. The Council Requests pay a little bit better (not by much, though) than the Grey Market does. At the same time, it's easy to build up a nice stock of EXALT Laser Weapons, which can be useful in outfitting your scrubs and bench warmers if materials are thin and getting enough Plasma weapons is proving difficult.

EXALT Weapons
Weapon Base Damage Listed Crit Damage 1 Actual Crit Damage 2 Critical Chance Range EXALT Class
EXALT Assault Rifle 2-4 5-7 4 or 6 10% Short Operative, Medic
EXALT Sniper Rifle 3-6 6-8 6 or 7 25% Long Sniper
EXALT LMG 3-5 6-8 6 or 7 0% Medium Heavy
EXALT Rocket Launcher 6 NA NA NA NA Heavy, Elite Heavy
EXALT Laser Rifle 4-6 8-10 7 or 9 10% Medium Elite Operative, Elite Medic
EXALT Laser Sniper Rifle 5-7 9-11 9 or 10 30% Long Elite Sniper
EXALT Heavy Laser 5-7 9-11 9 or 10 0% Medium Elite Heavy
Frag Grenade 3 NA NA NA NA Operative, Heavy
Alien Grenade 5 NA NA NA NA Elite Operative, Elite Heavy
1 Listed on the Barracks on the Enemy Within DLC.
2 Actual mission results (EU and EW DLC), bold value more likely to appear. See Random Damage for more details.

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