Rocket Launcher (EU2012)

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Rocket Launcher
  • Rockets have a blast radius of 3 tiles
  • Friendly targets in the blast area are affected
  • Rockets are useful for destroying cover and forcing enemies to spread out
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required N/A
Base Costs N/A
Base Damage 6
Critical Damage None
Critical Chance None
Range All
Abilities None

  • The Heavy's alternative weapon. It fires a rocket that deals high damage over a large area. Rockets will destroy Cover and make enemies vulnerable.
  • Rocket Launchers have 1 shot per mission.
    • Extra rockets can be added with the Shredder Rocket or Rocketeer abilities.
  • Rockets can miss. Take extra care when firing the Rocket Launcher near allies or civilians
    • The Rocket Launcher's Aim depends on the Aim of the Heavy firing it. The minimum value will be 90 but it can be higher if the Heavy personal Aim is higher than that number, due to using the Not Created Equally Second Wave option.
  • The Rocket Launcher is a free-aim weapon. Anything can be targeted as long as there is a clear line of fire.
  • Rockets do not need to hit a surface or an enemy target to explode. They can therefore be set to explode in-mid air. This is useful for targeting several airborne and ground based enemies with the same rocket.
  • Rockets can be further improved with Danger Zone (increases blast radius) and Mayhem (increases damage by 2 points).
  • In later stages of the game, the Rocket Launcher can be replaced by the Blaster Launcher. A significant upgrade featuring improved damage and rockets that can navigate around obstacles and phase through windows and doors.

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